Progressive Left-wing Group Mobilizes to Counter Moms for Liberty

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This week a left-wing progressive parental group publicly launched their movement meant to counter anything that the conservative parental rights group Moms for Liberty stands for—things like age-appropriate books in libraries, safe spaces for girls, and quality education.

“Parenting With Pride” is a program and organization born from the Equality Florida group specifically to combat Moms for Liberty, which also can trace its beginnings to the Sunshine State.

Claiming they are a true representation of parents in Florida, members of the group did what progressive-trained activists do best – lob false claims at their opponents. Parenting With Pride paints themselves as the answer to “transphobic,” “racist,” and “radicalized” mothers who frantically demand books be banned, and children be forced to live in discomfort and fear.

Like most initiatives from the left, this latest attack is bogus.

Whose voice matters most?

In Orange County, Florida, dozens of parents showed up for the public launch of Parenting With Pride, the left’s answer to Moms for Liberty. Heralded as a win for LGBT families, this group had speakers from all sorts of liberal organizations to talk about how their group was the answer to what ails families and children today.

Claiming that Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is literally erasing their very existence on this planet, parent and Executive Director of Come Out With Pride Tatiana Quiroga explained how her family makeup is more important than those of heterosexuals:

“Being part of an LGBTQ+ family comes with so many trials and tribulations yet at the same time with so many joys and victories because we so intentionally create our families.”

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Without getting too graphic, last my memory served, my husband and I very much so intentionally created our two children…but I digress.

Ms. Quiroga went on to state:

“So to know that we are in a time where the state of Florida is trying to erase us, telling us that these efforts are being done in the name of parent rights the true question has to be, for which parents and for whose rights?”

Alluding to the inaccurately nicknamed “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Ms. Quiroga and others like her claim that parents who don’t want their elementary-aged children to be exposed to sexually explicit material are trying to excise LGBT people from the planet. Bit of a stretch, but then again, I made my kids the old-fashioned way…so what do I know?

Fiction versus fact

My favorite quote from the event comes from parent and co-founder of the Florida Freedom to Read Project, Jen Cousins, who is part of litigation to challenge the “Don’t Say Gay” law:

“My eighth grader is non-binary and incredibly proud. They’ve been watching the new series of ‘Good Omens’ on repeat and have been so delighted that the character currently is gender fluid just like that. Representation matters.”

‘Good Omens’ is an Amazon Prime series based on the books by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Two of my favorite authors and one of my favorite series, this story follows the exploits of an angel and a demon on Earth who are unlikely yet lovable best friends.

The “gender fluid” character Ms. Cousins refers to is Crowley, played by one of my personal crushes David Tennant. Crowley is not just the demon in the story; he is the one and only snake that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.

We may need to work on our comprehension of reality versus fiction and not encourage our children to emulate a demon… no matter how cool their hair or outfits are in a fantasy television show based on a fiction book. But therein lies the true strategy of the true radicals in this country, my dear reader – confuse your youth and the gullible into believing fantasy is reality and reality is mean and dangerous.

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The truth

Moms for Liberty, the claimed enemy #1 of Parenting With Pride, was recently named an “extremist” group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, describing them as an “anti-student inclusion group.” Moms for Liberty is neither an extremist group nor “anti-student inclusion,” – but none of that matters.

The real enemy of groups like Parenting With Pride, which is no doubt merely a tool of progressive funded special interest groups, is tradition, common sense, and families. I’m a mother of two, and we have opted to homeschool our children.

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The reason behind this decision isn’t just because of the lunacy happening in public schools today; it’s because public schools have been failing children for over 40 years – it just happens to be that they’ve been empowered to be open with their degradation of education.

Podcaster Joe Rogan put it best when he said of some of the “educators” out there:

“These adults are with your children more than you are during the day. They’re there for hours and hours with the undivided attention of your kids and some of them are f—ing loons.”

One merely has to peruse the Libs of TikTok account on Twitter/X to see countless examples of unhinged, barely recognizable “teachers” squealing about gender fluidity and critical race theory to see some of these loons. Let’s not forget the Virginia school district that forced students to play privilege bingo or the Florida teacher who forced white students to bow down to and fan their black classmates.

Bad books

One of the biggest arguments the left likes to use against parents like myself and groups like Moms for Liberty is that we want to “ban books,” which generally leads to invoking comparisons between us and Nazis. I don’t believe in banning books, even if they are bad.

However, certain books are not appropriate for certain age groups. The National Education Association recommended two such books for summer reading for educators – both books that have been in public school libraries.

You are lucky, dear reader, because I’ve read both books. The first one is ‘White Fragility’ by Robin DiAngelo.

I read this book when I was still in the military as it was on the recommended reading list for leaders, and being that I was a leader, I decided to read it. The NEA website explains that the book:

“…explores why White people are so bad at talking about racism.”

The book drones on and on about how if you are white, you are inherently racist, and nothing you can do will make you not racist, and if you say you aren’t racist, you are just suffering from being frail with your whiteness and racism. The second book is ‘Gender Queer’ by Maira Kobabe.

I read this book because I believe if you are going to write about something, you damn sure better know what it is. This graphic novel chronicles the life of a girl who transitions into a non-binary person.

The book discusses what it was like for her to taste her “vagina slime” and shows two women, one wearing a strap-on dildo, giving each other oral sex. Are you shocked and disgusted?

Good, you should be. Not only is it poor writing, it’s not suitable for children. Now as yourself why adults are so aggressively and obsessively demanding such a book be put in front of children.

What good parents want

NEA President Becky Pringle said in March at the “Summit for Democracy”:

“For us at the NEA, education justice must be about racial justice, it must be about social justice, it must be about climate justice.”

I don’t know what education justice is, but I do know what education is, and the NEA and the rest of Big Education suck at it. In a time when our children are scoring lower than ever in reading, math, civics, and history, you’d think the left would focus their attention on improving education instead of morphing it into advocacy training camps.

In a time when suicide rates are up 60% for America’s youth since 2011, and juvenile crime is climbing, you’d think the left would focus their attention on the basics instead of harmful gender and race indoctrination that are hurting our children’s souls and minds.

I don’t have a problem with same-sex couples, LGBT youth, or teaching the truth about our history.

I have a problem with my daughter possibly having to undress in a locker room in front of a male with male genitalia, the way NCAA Division I swimmer Paula Scanlan had to do. I have a problem with my son being taught that he is inherently racist and has privilege just because of his skin color and because his parents are veterans.

I have a problem with my children being subjected to pornography and conversations they have about their mental state being kept from me…their mother…who is their most trusted protector and guardian. If you have a problem with any of that, the truth is you are the extremist…not me.

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