Here It Comes: Judge Rules In Favor of Child Climate Change Activists Because Fossil Fuels Violate Constitutional Rights

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Yesterday a Montana Judge issued a ruling that could cause a cascade of similar poor judicial decisions across the country. A group of young climate activists sued the state of Montana claiming that a law passed in 2011 violates their constitutional rights. 

According to the plaintiffs and the Judge, a law that doesn’t require the state to factor climate change in energy-related projects robs Montana’s youth of a sustainable future and their right to live long and healthy lives. Lauded as a big win for climate change science and the next generation of Americans by mainstream media, this decision is not only laughable but has absolutely nothing to do with the actual climate. 

This judgment from a Montana court is indicative of the success the activist training movement has had on America’s youth and the gullibility of my generation, who have birthed an army of “Change Agents” hellbent on destroying the very nature of our republic. Let’s look at what went down in Big Sky Country and what it means for the rest of us.

You are violating my rights!

A Montana Judge ruled that a provision in the Montana Environmental Policy Act directly harms the state’s environment because it prevents Montana from considering the impact on the climate of energy projects in the state. The argument that the plaintiffs hedged their case on resides in the state’s constitution that guarantees Montanans the right to a “clean and healthful environment.”

I could write an entire article on the stupidity of any government, local or federal, claiming to guarantee a right to a clean and healthful environment. It’s not as if Montana or any state or country can control the air directly above its borders…hell our government can’t even control the actual border, let alone what seeps into the air above us, be it Chinese spy balloons or Chinese air pollution.

My favorite part of this story is how mainstream media is framing it. Almost every article hits on the youth of the plaintiffs, whose ages range from five years old to 22.

Articles highlight how “young people” claim Montana is violating their rights to a “clean” and “healthful environment.” The climate cult is drooling over this “monumental” and “historical” win with comments such as from the Executive Director of Our Children’s Trust, Julia Olson, who said:

“This is a huge win for Montana, for youth, for democracy, and for our climate. More rulings like this will certainly come.”

No doubt, none of which will do anything to positively affect our environment or the lives of the ‘young people’ at the front lines of this manufactured climate war.

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Oh, the humanity – and stupidity

The defense, in this case, didn’t put up much of a fight, focusing mainly on how this particular issue should be handled in the legislature versus the courts. The ruling is expected to be challenged in higher courts, much to the dismay of climate warriors.

As the founder of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Michael Gerrard lamented:

“This Supreme Court has been more about taking away rights than granting new ones.”

Mr. Gerrard skipped Constitutional Law in his education because if he had paid attention, he’d know it isn’t the Supreme Court’s job to take away or grant rights at all – but I digress. If the law that allows Montana to pursue energy projects without considering climate impact were to be overturned, Montana Assistant Attorney General Michael Russell explained there would be:

“…no meaningful impact or appreciable effect.”

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Even the “young people” who bravely fought this fight admit that this action does nothing to change any negative trends in climate – both real and imagined.

Twenty-two-year-old plaintiff Rikki Held admitted:

“I know that climate change is a global issue, but Montana has to take responsibility for our part in that.”

Ah yes, the battle cry of America’s progressive youth – you will feel bad about things outside of your control, pay for things that aren’t your fault, and you will like it and thank us for it.

It’s science, so it’s right

The Executive Director of the Sabin Center, Michael Burger, celebrated this Montana ruling by proclaiming:

“This was climate science on trial, and what the court has found as a matter of fact is that the science is right.”

Another critical argument from the left-wing activist corps. If their scientists say it’s true, and their experts tell you you must do something, then there is no room for debate – and to argue differently is to be a fascist racist science denier who probably still lives in a cave.

Never forget: in the 1970s, climate “experts” told us that a “new” Ice Age was coming.

In the 80s and 90s, we were told that the use of our hairspray would destroy the ozone layer. Here we are in 2023 – no ice age and I’m still using copious amounts of hairspray to keep my mohawk high and fierce.

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This case and those who elevate the climate hysteria have nothing to do with the environment; it has to do with control.

We didn’t start the fire

Being a citizen of a nation requires responsibility, enthusiasm, and engagement. But what these “young people,” as the left is so eager to applaud, are doing has nothing to do with any of that.

They are mere unwitting and malleable pawns of the climate change industry. While this group of 16 kids and young adults took their fight to the courts, others have used even more dramatic displays of self-righteous civil disobedience to further the agenda of their climate change puppet masters.

From gluing their hands to airport runways to blocking traffic, they’ve captured feverish likes on social media, stroking their need for fame and power. My favorite act of ridiculousness is throwing soup and mashed potatoes at works of art by Van Gogh and Monet.

Works of art meant to make this world a more beautiful place, ruined by tomato basil soup and powdered potatoes. The Montana 16 claim that Montana’s fossil fuel industry has caused them physical and mental anguish and threatens their right to live full lives. 

None of that is true, of course, but it is the same vague wail parroted by the Commander-in-Chief, who said climate change is:

“…literally, not figuratively, a clear and present danger. The latest climate report, nothing less than ‘code red for humanity.’ Let me say it again, code red for humanity.”

What does that mean? Nobody knows, but it sounds good because it sounds terrifying – and nothing controls a population more than fear. 

As for me, I’ll continue driving my gas-powered Ford, eating red meat, using whatever light bulbs I want, and spraying Aquanet into my fabulously coifed hairdo. I’m sure in another 50 years, my children’s children will be worried about the next new Ice Age or whatever else the “scientists” and “experts” dream up. 

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