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farm protest
January 31, 2024
The progressive stranglehold of “climate change” policy in Europe has taken its toll on their farmers, and they have reached a critical breaking point.
spock coming ice age
December 21, 2023
According to Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy in 1978, “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way…within a lifetime…”
November 22, 2023
The coal boom in Beijing, China is officially happening, and experts are saying that it is here to stay for good.
Climate Change
November 6, 2023
Few people today would deny the negative impacts that pollution and climate change can have on human health and well-being.
Michelle Obama Super-Yacht
October 3, 2023
Michelle Obama and Tom Hanks, both climate activists, were spotted partying on Steven Spielberg’s super-yacht that burns tons of fossil fuel.
zelensky climate change
September 20, 2023
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy went to the United Nations meeting to tell the world that climate change is the biggest threat.
Patrick Brown science paper
September 8, 2023
Climate scientist Patrick Brown published a phony paper on global warming to prove that scientific journals are biased.
montana climate ruling
August 15, 2023
Yesterday a Montana Judge issued a ruling that could cause a cascade of similar poor judicial decisions across the country.
green projects over budget
May 23, 2023
Developers looking to build thousands of wind turbines off the Mid-Atlantic and New England coast are coming up against a force even more relentless than the Atlantic winds: the Iron Law of Megaprojects, offering a warning of the trouble ahead for green-energy projects.
esg global warming
May 5, 2023
Though more than $50 trillion has been committed to ESG and other sustainable investment strategies, the world is no closer to achieving its net zero objectives.
AI liberal bias
May 5, 2023
I decided to do a little experiment on ChatGPT’s AI with one of our era’s biggest bugaboos – global warming. Here’s how it went.
inflation electric vehicles
May 5, 2023
Inflation rose 5% last month compared with one year prior, according to the latest consumer price index.