Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Pulls the ‘Climate Change’ Card in Bid for More Cash At the U.N.

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President Of Ukraine from Україна, PDM-owner, via Wikimedia Commons

This week, the United Nations General Assembly is meeting in New York City in a sort of diplomatic Super Bowl. At this annual world meeting, smaller countries get to voice their concerns more publicly with the Big Boys than they usually would at other meetings like the G7 Summit because, to be quite frank, they aren’t invited.

International meetings with world leaders would only be complete with a headliner like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Yesterday, Zelenskyy addressed the General Assembly and decided to take a slightly nuanced approach to tug at the heartstrings firmly attached to world leaders’ purse strings.

In addition to speaking about the unfortunate atrocities in his war-torn country, he dedicated a nice chunk near the end of his speech to the 21st century’s favorite boogeyman – climate change. That’s right; we should send more money to Ukraine or face the inevitability of a global meltdown thanks to climate change.

I’ve seen this movie

Yesterday at the U.N. General Assembly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed his fellow world leaders and wasted no time lecturing everyone on their failures:

“Humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives.”

You’d think the wartime President would have something more meaningful and relevant to hang his hat on. Still, the savvy orator began to weave a story that will undoubtedly appeal to those who wish to saddle themselves up to the climate change cult as much as possible.

He went on:

“This means that extreme weather will still impact the normal global life and some evil state will also weaponize its outcomes.”

Oh boy, where are John Steed and Emma Peel when you need them?! Are you telling me that Russian President Vladimir Putin is essentially a real-life Sir August de Wynter?!

Mr. Zelenskyy went on to attempt to connect climate issues around the world to his war with Russia:

“And when people in the streets of New York and other cities of the world went out on climate protest – we all have seen them – and when people in Morocco and Libya, and other countries die as a result of natural disasters, and when islands and countries disappear underwater, and when tornadoes and deserts are spreading into – into new territories, and when all of this is happening, one, a natural disaster in Moscow, decided to launch a big war and killed tens of thousands of people.”

That’s right, President Putin is a natural disaster in and of himself. Perhaps we should affix some solar panels to the Kremlin or install some wind turbines in St. Petersburg?

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Learning a new tune

This isn’t the first time Mr. Zelenskyy has dabbled with climate change in his messaging for more support.

Last year at the COP27 climate summit, he said to United Nations leaders:

“We must stop those who, with their insane and illegal war, are destroying the world’s ability to work united for a common goal.”

That ‘common goal’ he was referencing was the continued climate crisis theater in which our leaders play starring roles.

At the same meeting, he adeptly linked the food crisis caused by Russia’s port blockades to the climate crisis, explaining:

“…war has hit worst those countries suffering from the existing manifestations of climate change, catastrophic droughts and large scale floods.”

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Well done, Mr. Zelenskyy, he ties his plight to those less fortunate to have the attention of the ‘free world.’ Late last year, while explaining the damage the war has had on forests in Ukraine, Mr. Zelenskyy said Russia had engaged in “ecocide,” a clever new term that climate nerds get to toss around freely.

The cherry on top of Mr. Zelenskyy’s strategy to tie climate change to getting more money was meeting climate change rock star Greta Thunberg this June in Kyiv to “assess the environmental damage” caused by the war and to launch the ‘High-Level Working Group on the Environmental Consequences of the War.’ Now he’s got the leaders who sold their souls to the climate change ideology on board!

Feeling the heat

It’s no secret that support for sending more money to Ukraine has been waning. American voters from both sides of the aisle are getting weary of shoveling money over to Ukraine while they penny-pinch to afford eggs at home. 

And the international community is also getting a bit tired of this latest forever war.

U.N. expert Richard Gowan said:

“The default position among the majority of U.N. members is we need to negotiate an end to the war.”

Remember that the United Nations encompasses more than just the United States and the other superpowers. Mr. Gowan’s assessment also includes what is known as the ‘Global South,’ which is exactly how it sounds – countries found south of the equator. 

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A large majority of the Global South struggles with debt, poverty, and their own wars – so it’s understandable for them to believe their plights are being ignored by the West in favor of an Eastern European country because, to be blunt, they are.

The man giving them a voice, Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva, is ready for the war to end, stating earlier this year:

“The United States needs to stop encouraging war and start talking about peace.”

But we all know that won’t happen, and the proof will come later this week.

Make that check out to V. Zelenskyy

Tomorrow, President Zelenskyy will travel to D.C. to convince our elected leaders to give him another $24 billion.

When asked if he would commit to more funding, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said boldly:

“Is Zelenskyy elected to Congress? Is he our President? I don’t think I have to commit to anything.”

Given all the Ukrainian flag pins sported in Congress, Mr. Zelenskyy might as well be a member of Congress. But I won’t hold my breath that the Speaker will be able to or will even try to stop more funding going to Ukraine.

The uniparty has drunk the Kool-Aid, and now that climate change is attached to this war, there’s no stopping it.

Yesterday, President Zelenskyy exclaimed:

“Thank God, people have not yet learned to use climate as a weapon.”

I beg to differ, Mr. Zelenskyy; you have mastered that weapon system well. 

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