Video Shows Woman Dubbed the ‘Brutal Blonde’ Yoke Up Climate Protester By Her Hair, Drag Her Out of the Street Twice

A woman in Germany dragged a climate protester out of the street by her hair after activists attempted to block traffic.
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In a video that has quickly gone viral, a woman in Germany dragged a climate protester out of the street by her hair after she and other activists attempted to block traffic. When the protester returned, the woman dragged her away by her hair yet again.

For her efforts, the woman has been dubbed the “brutal blonde” by the European media.

They misspelled “badass.”

The video shows a few eco-warriors sitting in the middle of the street as a group of angry motorists confront them. A pair of larger men initially drag away a man roughly the weight of a wet Kleenex.

He is promptly disposed of in a bush on the side of the road. When he returns, the two men simply drag him away again, and that’s when the blonde woman steps in.

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Climate Protester Dragged Away By An Angry Blonde

At this point, several motorists or bystanders jump in and start dragging the other protesters out of the street, but the woman who got yoked up by the hair is tenacious.

As a truck begins to slowly move through the formerly blocked intersection, she again sits down and holds her hand up, the universal symbol for “I’m an ignoramus, please come get me.”

Our intrepid hero, the “brutal blonde,” complied, leaping into action and dragging the protester to the opposite sidewalk.

It worked, and the truck was able to move onward to its destination.

Fox News has identified the group of protesters as the Letzte Generation, or “The Last Generation.”

If they keep jumping in front of traffic that name might end up being prophetic.

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Could She Face Charges?

I mean – Bravo – That is how you handle the enviro-freaks blocking traffic. *Chef’s kiss* to the “brutal blonde.”

We live in a society today where authorities show more sympathy for the people lying down in the streets than the people simply trying to get to their job, or those driving emergency vehicles trying to get to their destination.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing denounced the group by saying, “The Last Generation isn’t protecting the climate, they’re engaged in criminal activity.”

They’re also engaged in weapons-grade stupidity. So, play stupid games and win stupid prizes – like the need for a weave after your hair gets ripped out of your head.

Let’s all watch this tremendous blonde drag the climate protester away …

While the climate activists were reportedly detained, police said that they were also reviewing video of the incident to determine if criminal proceedings were necessary against those who dragged people away.

The climate activists involved in the above altercation also recently took part in arts and crafts time at a German airport.

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And by “arts and crafts” we mean they glued themselves to the runway.

Video from that incident shows a climate protester screaming in agony as a member of the local fire department attempts to free them by chipping away at the concrete around his hand.

Oopsie – the chisel might have slipped.

Perhaps had they not spent most of their childhood sniffing the glue, they wouldn’t have to get jackhammered out of the pavement as adults.

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