Climate Activists Dump Cow Manure Outside White House To Protest Biden’s Climate Plan

A group of so-called "climate activists" brought over a dozen wheelbarrows filled with cow manure and dumped them in front of the White House, protesting what they view as an inadequate climate plan from President Joe Biden.

A group of so-called “climate activists” brought over a dozen wheelbarrows filled with cow manure and dumped them in front of the White House, protesting what they view as an inadequate climate plan from President Joe Biden.

The group defines Biden’s plan as “bulls***,” hence the, well … you know.

The activists showed off signs they likely made in their parent’s basement, some of which read: “Stop the bulls***,” and “Declare climate emergency now!”

Jane Recker, a staff writer at the Washingtonian, described the scene, noting that the cow manure was very real.

“Cow poop has been dumped in front of the White House to protest Biden’s ‘bulls***’ climate plan,” she tweeted. “And yes, it smells.”

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Dumping Cow Manure Outside the White House

The only thing thicker than the smell of cow manure outside the White House was the irony in using such a product in your little climate protest.

Especially since everybody knows cow manure contributes to global warming.

Not only are these people bad at their method of protesting, but the pro-Earth activists also didn’t do their part by cleaning up their own mess on Earth Day.

“What low-income, probably minority DC city worker is going to have to clean up after these middle-class, college-educated white loons?” asked the Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti.

The activists, though, said the cow manure in the middle of the street was simply an unfortunate byproduct of their war to save Mother Earth.

“It’s unfortunate that the city had to clean our mess, but that’s exactly what Biden is asking humanity to do with his 2030 plan—he’s making it everyone else’s problem,” a group spokesman told Recker.

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Not Extreme Enough

What exactly is it about President Biden’s policies and platforms that aren’t extreme enough for these Earth Day warriors? What would make them so upset that they would deliver cow manure to the White House?

During the campaign, Biden said the Green New Deal doesn’t go too far and insinuated he was willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar American jobs in the name of environmental activism.

Upon taking office, he didn’t hesitate to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, killing American jobs.

He has since proposed a $2.25 trillion “infrastructure” package that focuses spending on Green New Deal-style policies, with just 7 percent for roads, bridges, airports, waterways, and ports.

It includes:

  • $175 billion dedicated to subsidizing electric vehicles.
  • $100 billion allocated to building new public schools to make school lunches ‘Greener.’
  • $200 billion meant to green up and fix our power grid.

At a virtual climate summit Thursday, President Biden pledged to reduce greenhouse emissions in the United States by 50 percent.

“Scientists tell us that this is the decisive decade, this is the decade we must make decisions that will avoid the worst consequences of a climate crisis,” the President fretted, echoing the sentiments of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who warned the world would end within the decade if something wasn’t done to address global warming.

Fortunately, the activists who dropped off cow manure in front of the White House have surely solved that problem. Heroes, all of them.


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