Alabama Mom Fears For Her Children’s Future In Modern America – ‘I Am So Tired Of Feeling Helpless’

Alabama Mom
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An Alabama mother of two young adults is going viral this week with a video in which she expressed her fears over the financial futures of her children in modern America.

‘The World Has F**king Changed!’

Jessica McCabe is a 51 year-old retired veteran of the Air Force, and she struck a cord with her video in which she voiced the fears that millions of parents have.

“I am so tired of feeling helpless as a parent,” McCabe said. “Yes, my kids are grown adults. My oldest is 28. My youngest is 25. And I thought by teaching them what I learned, which is you work hard, you get a good job, you’re gonna get the things in life that you need, right? Worked for me. Why wouldn’t it work for them? Because it doesn’t, because the world has f**king changed!”

“Yes, I understand. Struggling is a part of life. We all struggled,” she added. “But there’s a difference between struggling and drowning.”

Check out her video for yourself below. We must warn you that it includes profanity.

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McCabe Doubles Down

McCabe later doubled down on this in an interview with Fox News.

“It’s not 1988 anymore,” she said. “We have to, as parents, realize that the economy has changed. I understand inflation, prices always go up. But I think that lately the wages are not keeping up with how big the inflation has gotten. And we have to listen to our children.”

“The reason why I made the video is because I was so frustrated. I went out yet again with my son to go trying to find an apartment he can afford,” McCabe explained. “Half the places I felt like should have been condemned, that he could afford. And the other half, they’re running four times your rent. They want you to show that you can have like four times that. So, it was getting frustrated.”

McCabe cited things like inflation and the housing market as major issues in today’s economy. She is particularly worried about her son, who is struggling to pay his bills with the rising cost of living in the U.S.

“It is frustrating because he went to college, and I understand that most places want experience, you know, even though you have a college degree. So, the first job that he got right out of college was only paying $19 an hour,” she said, adding that her son later got a raise to $22 per hour.

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‘We Need To Be Their Advocate’

McCabe concluded by saying that since her video went viral, she’s received feedback from many who believe that the American Dream is increasingly difficult for young people to attain.

“I hear all the other Gen Zs and millennials in my comments, saying that they finally feel seen because I think us, as Gen-X, we forget that it’s not the same as it is now for our kids,” McCabe said. “And we think what we did is that they should be able to, too.”

“We need to be their advocate,” she concluded. “I didn’t have kids to watch them suffer their entire life.”

Many will be able to relate to McCabe’s fears, as this is sadly the America that we are living in under President Joe Biden. We can only hope that he is voted out of office in 2024, and that a strong Republican can take his place, potentially saving our economy in the process.

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