Rubio Fires Back at The NY Times’ Latest Smear Attempt

The New York Times has made a mockery of itself by attempting to discredit Marco Rubio by exposing that his wife and he have speeding tickets and own a small fishing boat. All the Times has accomplished is to show that Marco Rubio is more like the average American than Hillary Clinton. It also has highlighted how out of touch the Gray Lady is with main street America.

The newspaper tried again to smear Rubio and the third time was not the charm for the liberal publication. 

The Times asked people in Cuba how they felt about Rubio running for President. Of course, the Cubans they interviewed were not supportive of Rubio despite his Cuban heritage. Rubio fired back that he never expected them to be because of state propaganda.

“Number one, in Cuba if they would have said something positive about me, they would have been punished for it by the government,” Rubio said. “Number two, in Cuba there’s an information blockade. … Any news they get about me comes from the government TV stations and the government-run newspapers, and they’re not big fans of mine.”

In stark contrast to President Obama who has recently catered to the Cuban government, Rubio relished the fact that the Cuban government doesn’t approve of his candidacy.

“I’m glad that the Cuban government seems to be obsessed with me, because what it shows is that we’ve struck a vein, we have called them out who they are. They are a tyrannical regime that controls the entire economy, and they’re looking to more trade and engagement with the US for one simple purpose: it is not to improve the lives of the Cuban people, it is to perpetuate themselves in power,” Rubio said.

Rubio has done an excellent job of combating gotcha questions from the press, hecklers and using the faux scandals lodged against him to his advantage. The New York Times’ repeated attempts to throw mud has only accomplished making Rubio seem more relatable and an even sharper contrast to Hillary Clinton.

What do you think will be the New York Times will say next about Marco Rubio? Please comment below.

H/T: Truth Revolt

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