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cuba 20 gas
January 11, 2024
The Cuban government has announced that it will be raising the country’s fuel prices by over 500 percent in February.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemingly blamed "Russian disinformation" for giving a Ukrainian Nazi war 'hero' a standing ovation in Parliament.
September 26, 2023
Justin Trudeau blamed “Russian disinformation” for giving a Ukrainian Nazi war “hero” a standing ovation in Parliament.
cuba cashless society
August 22, 2023
For my compatriots of the digital age, I say hold fast and heed the lessons to be learned in communist Cuba.
FCC Commissioner Carr Slams Biden Homeland Security 'Disinformation Board' As 'Unconstitutional'
July 14, 2023
Joe Biden’s administration has announced that it is expanding its illegal parole program to millions from four more countries.
desantis cuba communism
May 13, 2022
Miami Herald published a piece comparing the similarities between Florida under popular Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and Communist Cuba.
Trump Biden
July 22, 2021
Donald Trump torched Joe Biden for his “appeasement” of Communists, saying it will prolong the Cuban regime.
July 20, 2021
Trey Gowdy just torched anti-American protesters, saying to remember “those who would give everything they have” to be here.
Mark Levin Biden
July 19, 2021
Mark Levin just slammed President Joe Biden as a “human pandemic” in a blistering new interview. He held nothing back.
Judge Jeanine Biden
July 18, 2021
Judge Jeanine Pirro warned that Joe Biden is moving towards reparations with his U.N. racism and human rights envoy invitation.
DeSantis Biden
July 16, 2021
Ron DeSantis demanded that Joe Biden step up to help the people of Cuba in a blistering press conference this week.
video students american flag
July 16, 2021
A disturbing video released by the group Campus Reform shows young people being asked what the American flag means to them.
Days After First White House Cuba Statement, Biden Administration Finally Talks About ‘Failed Ideology’ Of Communism
July 16, 2021
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called communism a “failed ideology” after sidestepping the issue when questioned more than once