Pro-Amnesty Hecklers Interrupt Rubio, His Response Is Perfect


Pro-amnesty hecklers interrupted a speech by Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, but he didn’t miss a beat. He immediately offered them a gentle reminder on how lucky they are to live in America.

The group of college-aged activists repeatedly shouted “implement DAPA” during Rubio’s speech, referencing Obama’s executive action that allows parents of legal children to stay in the country without fear of deportation.

After calmly saying he’d continue in a moment, Rubio explained to the hecklers that their actions would not be tolerated in other countries.

via The Daily Caller:

Rubio remained calm and took a sip of water. “I’ll continue my speech in a second,” he said. What do you think?

“That’s the difference with the United States,” Senator Rubio said over the audience’s applause for the officers taking the protesters out of the luncheon. “If you do that in another country, you would be in jail tonight.”What do you think?

“If you do that in another country, your family’s house could be raided, your businesses can be closed, and American people have the right to interrupt speeches, we have the right to be rude, they have a right to be wrong,” the Florida Senator said.

“We live in a free society and I thank God for that everyday.”

Watch Rubio’s flawless response …

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