Rio Olympics
The Olympics has begun in sunny, drug-addled, crime-ridden Rio de Janeiro, but the very first event made whiny liberals scream and run to their “safe spaces” – can you guess which one?

Yup, it was a trifecta of a liberal’s nightmare – not only did America win at being excellent, which they hate, but we won the very first gold medal at the Olympics in the event of shooting, which they hate, and by an armed woman, which makes them wretch!!

Here’s more of their snide, smug dismissals of an awesome accomplishment:

Ah, making jokes about children being slaughtered, how class of you!!

Too bad there’s not an Olympic event for left-wing whiny idiots, or all of these would beat out all the competition!!! Except for Belgium.

Of course the liberal media is much interested in Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim American to compete at the Olympics in a hijab:

Because they prefer Muslims over guns, that’s why!

What do you think? Are you proud of America winning the first Gold at the Olympics in shooting? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!

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