Ramaswamy: The Government Hasn’t Told Us The Truth About 9/11

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The Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy cast doubt on the official government narrative behind the 9/11 attacks, suggesting the American people haven’t been told the truth.

Ramaswamy, who has seen a surge in poll numbers that have put him in line with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), contends that the federal government has not been forthcoming in regard to Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

“I don’t believe the government has told us the truth,” the biotech entrepreneur said during an interview with BlazeTV’s Alex Stein. “Again, I’m driven by evidence and data. What I’ve seen in the last several years is we have to be skeptical of what the government does tell us.”

Ramaswamy was quick to note that he hadn’t seen any evidence contradicting the official narrative, but he remains skeptical that the truth has been put forth.

“I haven’t seen evidence to the contrary, but do I believe everything the government told us about it? Absolutely not. Do I believe the 9/11 Commission? Absolutely not,” he said.

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Ramaswamy Suggests Government Hasn’t Been Completely Honest About 9/11

Ramaswamy’s comments come against the backdrop that several government narratives in the past few years have proven false. Russian collusion was a hoax. Hunter Biden’s laptop was real. COVID vaccines do not prevent transmission.

Ron Paul, the former Republican presidential candidate and libertarian icon, recently declared John F. Kennedy (JFK) was “murdered by our government,” while the late President’s own nephew questioned what the feds were hiding by failing to release all of the files related to the assassination.

And if you need a refresher on the government’s transparency in regard to UFOs, please take a look at the extensive coverage by The Political Insider’s Kathleen Anderson.

That said, it’s important to note that, despite Stein’s rapid-fire delivery on conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the moon landing, Ramaswamy did not wade into truther territory.

His response was simply skepticism about Saudi Arabia’s involvement – a nation that the American government has tried to protect relations with despite 15 of the 19 hijackers being Saudi.

Ramaswamy later posted similar thoughts on social media, saying the American people “can handle the truth.”

“Do I believe our government has been completely forthright about 9/11? No,” he said. “Al-Qaeda clearly planned and executed the attacks, but we have never fully addressed who knew what in the Saudi government about it.”

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Saudi Arabia’s Terror Ties

Documents declassified by the FBI in September of 2021 detailed new information about the support provided to two hijackers by U.S.-based Saudi nationals with diplomatic credentials.

The royal family has denied any involvement though suspicions have remained.

A heavily redacted document released in 2021 details support such as travel assistance, lodging, and financing two of the hijackers, Nawaf al Hazmi and Kahlid al Midhdar, received from a man who worked in the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles, Omar al Bayoumi.

Families of victims of 9/11 criticized President Joe Biden for engaging Saudi Arabia over oil output last year as gas prices were skyrocketing. They demanded he maintain focus on “accountability” for the terrorist attacks.

Former Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera blasted Biden for visiting Saudi Arabia to “whore himself” for oil while a widow of the terrorist attacks called him “the least empathetic president” for grieving families have seen since 9/11.

Biden, as a candidate for President, had vowed to hold Saudi Arabia accountable and treat them as a “pariah.”

“We were going to, in fact, make them pay the price, and make them, in fact, the pariah that they are,” he said at a Democrat debate in 2019.

He further declared the government in Saudi Arabia has “very little social redeeming value.”

Biden’s comments at the time were in regard to Saudi Arabia’s role in the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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