Footage Of Young Christian In Wisconsin Getting Arrested For Simply Preaching In Public Shows What’s Wrong With America Today

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From the heartland of America, a video recently surfaced which has since sent shockwaves across the country. Sadly though, this viral clip isn’t the latest TikTok trend or dancing pet, but instead shows a young man named Marcus Schroeder being arrested for simply preaching the gospel during a Pride event in Watertown, Wisconsin.

In the clip, Schroeder is seen reading passages from the Bible into a microphone. However, before he could finish, he was surrounded by police officers who then forcibly removed his microphone and placed him under arrest. Schroeder was later charged with “unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest.”

This scene morphed from a peaceful expression of faith and freedom of speech into a unsettling display of power.

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A Crime? Really?

According to the group of Christians who held a small rally within proximity of the Pride event that was hosting a drag queen story hour for children, Schroeder was never warned by police prior to his arrest. However, the police at the scene claim they had been issued a previous warning at another location.

This discrepancy leads one to question if this was a justifiable act, or simply blatant disregard for the constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Was Schroeder causing a public disturbance or harming anyone? Was the young man infringing on the rights of others? Based on the footage which has already been seen by millions, it seems as if he was merely expressing his beliefs, something that’s supposedly still protected in our post-constitutional progressive age.

The arrest has now raised serious concerns about the sanctity of free speech. The clip of the arrest didn’t simply go viral because it was trendy, but because it has struck a nerve with Christians and other faith groups who are concerned with their civil rights across the country. To them, this isn’t some isolated incident, but instead a sign of increased animosity towards those who use their freedom of speech to go against the approved cultural narratives by Hollywood, the mainstream media, and political elite.

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The Spinning Narrative

Schroeder’s arrest serves as a chilling reminder of the Christian community’s perceived shrinking space within the public sphere. Additionally, it should be noted how fast progressives were quick to create the narrative that Schroeder and those with him were also part of the Neo-Nazi groups that also showed up to protest.

Schroeder and those with him have affirmed that they were not affiliated with the Neo-Nazis who also arrived later in the day, but because of their proximity, some critics have lumped them in together. Unlike the those fringe radicals, however, Schroeder was not there to sow discord or hate, but to instead express his faith to those who they felt needed to hear it.

Schroeder and those with him have been wrongfully caught in the crossfire, and because of this, their message has been overshadowed by the perceived associations by those who don’t understand what was going on.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that our right to free speech should not be taken for granted. Americans of all faiths or no faith at all, anyone and everyone who values civil rights for the protections they give, should not see this as just a one-time-thing, but a warning for what the future holds in America if no one speaks out against these acts at all.

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