Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Blasts Joe Biden As A ‘F***ing Slime Ball’ Who Can’t Beat Trump

The oft-outspoken rocker swung for the left this time.

Roger Waters Biden

Roger Waters of the rock band Pink Floyd just torched the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, describing him as a “f***ing slime ball” and adding that he “can’t imagine Biden beating Trump in an election”

Waters told Rolling Stone that he is “on the fence” about the Democratic Party encouraging people to rally behind Biden, saying that he is “so flabbergasted and gobsmacked by the way the Democratic National Committee has railroaded Bernie [Sanders]… again.”

“And has put in place a candidate — I can’t imagine Biden beating Trump in an election,” Waters said.  “Biden is such a f***ing slime ball, he’s so weak, and has no appeal to anybody. Trump, at least, is a snake oil salesman, he does tricks. He does them really badly, but people don’t care.”

The rock star, who clearly was a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went on to say that it is “still staggering under the weight of them having rejected the only candidate who represented the people of America.”

“I obviously don’t know where I stand on that lesser of two evils question,” Waters said, casting doubt on Biden’s leadership skills. “I’m not sure the path to a new America that is not ruled by the current ruling class — by money, plutocracy, and a capitalist society — will be made any easier with Biden as president.”

Waters has been a longtime critic of President Donald Trump, who he described as a “tyrant and mass murderer” during a back in February.

“This is a man who has failed at fucking everything in his life except becoming the biggest … tyrant and mass murderer and mass destroyer of everything that any of us might love or cherish in the whole [world], only because he has the power,” he stated. “Unfortunately, he has his finger on the button on it, and he’s right. In ‘Pigs,’ when we put up that he has a bigger button and it works, it does. And it’s working all over the world, murdering brown people for profit.”

Waters concluded his rant by claiming that Sanders is the “only candidate who can possibly win against Donald Trump.”

This is a prime example of just how divided the modern Democratic Party has become. While they continue to bicker with one another, the Republican Party is more united behind Trump than ever before. If Democrats don’t get their act together soon, they will have no chance of even coming close to beating Trump come November.

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on May 3, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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