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Sharpton Calls Out ‘Bogus’ Brown Jackson Questions: ‘We’ve Got a Long Way To Go’ On Race
March 31, 2022
MSNBC host Al Sharpton Biden signing the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act into law, the United States still had a “long way to go” on race issue
Rand Paul: If Brown Jackson Can’t Define ‘Woman,’ How Can She Rule On Title IX, Women’s Athletics Cases?
March 25, 2022
Rand Paul asked how Biden Supreme Court nominee Katanji Brown Jackson’s can adjudicate Title IX cases having to do with women in sports
Tucker Carlson hammered Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson for her "awe-inspiring stupidity" in refusing to define what a 'woman' is, complete with a graphic of the female reproductive system.
March 24, 2022
Tucker Carlson hammered Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson for her “awe-inspiring stupidity” in refusing to define what a ‘woman’ is
Mike Lee: ‘Concerns Me’ That Judge Jackson Didn't Clearly Answer Court-Packing Question
March 24, 2022
Senator Mike Lee said that he was concerned with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson views on court packing
Biden Judge Nominee Kenly Kato Laughs At Facing John Kennedy’s Infamous ‘Bar Exam’
February 2, 2022
A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing got a little uncomfortable for President Joe Biden’s judicial nominee Judge Kenly Kiya Kato, who faced a grilling from Republican Sen. John Kennedy.
Psaki Says Kamala Harris Could Cast Deciding Vote For Supreme Court Nominee
February 2, 2022
White House Jen Psaki said the administration would push for Vice President Kamala Harris to cast a tie-breaking vote Supreme Court nominee
If Kamala Harris Replaced Biden In 2024, Meghan McCain Says 'Ron DeSantis Would Put Her In The Ground'
August 3, 2021
Meghan McCain said that if VP Kamala Harris were to replace President Joe Biden Ron DeSantis as Republican nominee would trounce her.
Liz Cheney Trump
May 16, 2021
Rep. Liz Cheney admitted that she voted for Trump in 2020, saying “I do regret” it after all that has happened.
Dem Sens. Duckworth And Hirono Wouldn't Support Biden Nominees Until Asians Put Forward Now Finally Drop Objections
March 24, 2021
Democratic Sen. Hirono said drop her objection to non-minority nominees put forth by the Biden administration for Cabinet positions.
xavier becerra abortion
February 25, 2021
Xavier Becerra, could not name a single restriction on abortion he would support  during his Senate confirmation hearing.
December 1, 2020
Charles Schumer said that he wants hearings to begin in January for reported incoming President Joe Biden’s Cabinet picks.
Pelosi Biden
September 29, 2020
Nancy Pelosi just sent a message to Joe Biden hours before the debate, saying “be yourself, save the planet.