Schumer Demands Biden Cabinet Hearings Before Inauguration


On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that the Senate should begin confirmation hearings for Joe Biden’s prospective cabinet before inauguration

“Hearings on President-elect Biden’s nominees should begin in January immediately after the Georgia runoff elections,” Schumer said.

Georgia’s upcoming runoff elections will decide if Republicans retain control of the Senate or if Democrats are the new majority.

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Trump, Obama, And Bush All Had The Same Treatment 

Schumer said this schedule would would allow major Cabinet picks to receive confirmation on Jan. 20 “and soon thereafter, which is traditional for a new president.”

He stated, “The Senate should follow precedent and hold hearings on President-elect Biden’s nominees in January immediately after the Georgia elections, before inauguration.”

President Trump’s cabinet picks had Senate hearings before his inauguration, though he faced more delays than usual compared to past incoming presidents. 

To compare: On the first day of the Trump administration, he got two confirmed Cabinet picks.

President Obama got six and President George W. Bush got seven on their first day stepping through the White House door.

How Bad Do Democrats Really Want ‘Unity’?

While Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are eager to get the ball rolling on a Joe Biden administration, the fact remains that this election has not been certified.

There is also the issue that tens of millions of Americans do not believe Joe Biden legitimately won the election.

A poll from PRWeb shows that 72% of Republicans and a whopping 31% of Independents believe President Trump “is being cheated out of the election.”

True or not, this is not healthy for our republican democracy. 

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Democrats Must Consider The State Of America

While it might be true that past President-elects had confirmation hearings for their cabinets before their inaugurations, Washington leaders should at least be sensitive to the emotional rawness felt by many Americans in how they perceive the ongoing election results.

If Democrats truly desire “unity,” they should take the national temperature into consideration.

We shall see how serious Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer really are about bringing this country together.

Actions speak louder than words.

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