Outstanding! Our Top 5 Patriotic Acts For 2015


As America celebrates its 239th Independence Day, we thought it’d be a great time to review some of the more patriotic things we’ve covered this year.

There won’t be anything on this list near as monumental as what our Founding Fathers did for our nation — such as declaring the American colonies as free and independent states from British rule — but there is certainly plenty of American pride and exceptionalism to celebrate nonetheless.

So without further ado, here are our Top 5 Patriotic Moments so far in 2015 …

#5 – Capitol Building in Washington Flies Chinese Flag, Patriots Take It Down

With a Chinese ambassador visiting, Washington Governor Jay Inslee thought it would be a great idea to raise the Chinese flag between the American and state flags outside the Capitol building in Olympia.

Surprisingly, most everybody recognized this as a bad idea.

It took a group of true patriots however — some wearing Gadsden flags, as well as a state trooper — to show true American resolve and remove the Chinese flag for violating proper flag protocol.

#4 – Bill Belichick Wears ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ T-Shirt

What’s more patriotic than an actual Patriot wearing a patriotic t-shirt? Not much.

Before the Super Bowl in Arizona, New England Patriots‘ head coach was spotted wearing a t-shirt adorned with the American flag and the words ‘Don’t Tread On Me.’

Belichick is famously known for wearing New England hoodies, but we love this patriotic shirt!

#3 – Hollywood Megastar Chris Pratt Teaches His Son The Pledge of Allegiance

Hollywood superstar, Chris Pratt, now of Jurassic World fame, posted a video of he and his son reciting the Pledge of Allegiance on Memorial Day.

Pratt wrote that he is “proud to be American.”

And we’re proud that he is a great patriot working in a liberal world. Thank you Chris Pratt!

#2 – Gary Sinise Blasts Howard Dean

Actor Gary Sinise is widely known not just for his movie credits, but also for his charity work with veterans. So there was little surprise to see him stand up and defend a hero in American Sniper, Chris Kyle.  What may have been a bit of a surprise was that he hammered a former Presidential candidate in doing so.

Indeed, after Howard Dean referred to people seeing the movie American Sniper as “angry” Tea-Partiers, Sinise took to Twitter and blasted him for his “stupid blanket statements” and asked the failed Democrat candidate, “What the hell are you talking about?”

We don’t know what Dean was talking about, but he probably doesn’t either. And for calling him out on it, Gary Sinise is a true patriot.

#1 – George Bush Says What He Misses Most About Being President

Can you imagine this question being put forth to Obama when he’s out of office? What do you miss most about being President?

Hmm … The taxpayer funded exorbitant vacations? Golfing hundreds of rounds?

George W. Bush however, gave a predictably different answer when reminiscing about his days in office.

I miss saluting those who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way… And I have vowed for the remainder of my life that I will do all I can do to help our vets.

Wow! A Commander-In-Chief who actually cares about our men and women in the military. Now that’s a novel and patriotic concept, isn’t it?

What are the most patriotic things you can think of this Independence Day?

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