Chinese Flag Flown Outside Washington State Capitol – Patriots Remove It


To help celebrate his meeting with China Ambassador Cui Tiankai, Washington Governor Jay Inslee raised the Chinese flag between the American and state flags outside the Capitol building in Olympia.

The Chinese flag was flown at the same height as the American flag, a violation of proper flag protocol.

Over the weekend, a small group of activists carrying Gadsden flags, along with the assistance of an officer removed the Communist flag.

Via Examiner (H/T Gateway Pundit):

On Saturday, a small group of activists carrying yellow Gadsden flags now associated with the Tea Party, assisted by a trooper from the Washington State Police, removed the flag of Communist China from the state capitol building in Olympia, Washington. The flag, according to reports, was placed between the U.S. flag and the state flag in honor of a meeting with Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai, the News Commenter said.

“That’s an officer I can support,” one person said of the trooper providing assistance. The officer remained unidentified in the video, but one activist said he was an Oath Keeper.

“Whoo,” one person cheered as the red Chinese flag began to be pulled down.

Watch video of the Chinese flag being removed from the Washington State Capitol…

Did these activists go too far, or did they do exactly what one would expect from a patriotic group of Americans? Would you have removed the Chinese flag if you saw something similar at one of your government buildings?

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