Glenn Beck Compares Harry Reid to Satan

Harry Reid’s recent admission that he flat-out lied about Mitt Romney’s tax situation solely to help President Obama win the election sure has a lot of people riled up.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly called Reid’s action “disgusting,” revealing a disdain for the American people through a “complete lack of integrity” and a “complete lack of honesty.”

That was tame compared to radio host Glenn Beck, who said Reid’s actions were “straight-up evil.”

He then compared Reid to two well-known radicals with similar traits – Saul Alinsky and Satan.

Take a listen to Beck’s assessment of the outgoing Democrat leader…

Via the Daily Caller:

The eponymous host of the “Glenn Beck Program” said in the wake of Harry Reid admitting he didn’t care about lying about Mitt Romney’s tax return that the Democratic Senator Minority Leader was “straight-up evil,” and akin to Saul Alinsky and Satan.

“Saul Alinsky, ends justify the means,” he continued. “Let’s give the tip of a hat to the first radical, Satan. I mean, that is evil. It’s evil! And what’s amazing about it, really, I haven’t heard anything about this. We accept this now. We accept this. This is a guy who claims to be a religious guy. We accept it.”

If you had to compare Harry Reid to somebody, who would it be? Alinsky, Satan, or somebody else?

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