Never Be Ashamed to Fly the American Flag — Be Ashamed of Those Trying to Stop That Right

As I think about the 4th of July and the spirit of patriotism for Americans, I think about how far we’ve come but see that there is still a long way to go for some…

To keep a strong patriotic spirit and pass it on to the next generation, I believe parents have a responsibility to teach their children about our country, to respect the flag, and to teach them about being Christians. Past generations knew that this country was founded on the beliefs of freedom and liberty for everyone.


How do we show our love for America? I believe it’s in the way we treat all of our fellow citizens, by helping those when they need a hand, by performing our jobs in a spirit of service, by paying our taxes, and by insisting that our elected officials represent our interests rather than those of lobbyists and political parties.

Americans need to  stand up for what is right and not let anyone take it away.

Years ago I saw many flags flying, now I see very few. Don’t be ashamed of our country or our flag. Be ashamed of our government. Are we so afraid of government that we can’t stand up and say enough is enough?

We need to fight, protect, and defend our traditions and our way of life.

Woman holds an American flag during naturalization ceremonies for new citizens aboard the Intrepid in New York

Stand tall and fight for our country and let’s restore her values and continue to spread her traditions. For this is our country to have and to hold.

Fly the flag and love our country.

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