Now Is Not The Time To Be Afraid To Vote And Stay Home – This Election Is Too Important

Time for America to wake up as to what is happening in our country.

Russian leader Khrushchev in the ’50s said that America would not be defeated by outside forces but would decay internally and predicted that the county would fall like a ripe plum into their hands from our own decadence.

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The only chance we have to counter the threat from the left to cheat and steal the election is for concerned citizens to rise up in unity. We must declare to our leaders that we will not stand for our electoral process to be taken over and stolen by fraudulent mail-in voting. We have to demand that personal voting be the primary method in which to cast one’s ballot.


If enough patriots gather together in one united spirit and strive working as a unified body to thwart the left’s plan to steal this election, we have a chance to continue to keep our country free. We must re-elect and support our President who is trying desperately to sustain our freedom and the rights we enjoy under the Constitution, despite the frantic efforts of the left to defame him.

We must elect honest, sincere men and women to our Congress who will support and defend the Constitution and reject those incumbents who are clearly enemies of the state.

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We have this opportunity, which may be our last chance, to come out in force and reject the attempts of the left to create chaos in the election process by letting our representatives and leaders know that we will not allow our electoral system to be perverted. We will let them know we reject underhanded tactics like mail-in voting and other devious methods by which they can attain their goal of socialism for all.


Why do they allow mail-in ballots until the “last minute” and then argue about delays? Why not make the mail-in deadline a week early, which should allow for the vast majority to be delivered on time. If Trump is ahead by far and THEN the Democrats win, we have to believe that all those votes took more than a week to deliver. Some? Yes. So many? No.

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Democrats set all this up to be causing delays. It’s not a coincidence that they don’t make the cutoff early enough. They want the chaos to draw out the official result and – in case of a loss – to sow doubts about the legitimacy.

We will hear #notmypresident all over again if Trump wins, regardless of facts.

If Democrats truly wanted reliable elections, they would not oppose voter ID and they would not push mail-in voting supposedly because of a virus that’s already on the decline. Even the experts say it’s safe to vote in person, and the left has no problem with much denser populations in protests all over liberal cities.


There are only nine states sending ballots to every registered voter. All of the rest require the voter to request a ballot and provide various means to verify the need. Those doing universal:

  • Vermont
  • Nevada
  • District of Columbia
  • California
  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Oregon

In that group is one solid Republican state that has done mail-in before. It is not in danger. There are two that are possible flips, Nevada and Colorado. The remainder has little chance of going Republican even if everyone votes in person.

In the remaining states, it will only be requested ballots which greatly reduces the risk, but there is still a risk. The vote must be verified and counted properly. If you have not volunteered to be part of this process in your state, now is the time to do it. I have. After you clean your guns and count your ammo, go to your department of elections and insist on helping.


Volunteer to participate in the vote-counting process. If they flood the system with fake ballots, let’s flood the system with conservative volunteers and polling place witnesses.

The choice is ours and we better not blow it!



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