MSNBC Host Just Made This MAJOR Liberal Faux-Pas! Hilarious!


MSBNC is known as a mouthpiece for the Democrats. Liberals and the left-wing agenda are steadfastly promoted and defended on the channel. And this applies to abortion, of course. But one of their hosts may be in trouble today after letting something slip regarding abortion.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes accidentally told the truth about abortion yesterday. He called abortion evil. He even compared it to the Nazis.

“It’s very hard to get through an interview in which [Carson] doesn’t compare something either to the Third Reich and Hitler, or abortion, right, these sort of touchstones of human evil.”

These are pretty strong words for something the left loves so much. Hayes didn’t even realize that he steered from his pro-abortion talking points until it was pointed out on Twitter.

Ben Carson obviously has some powerful skills to break through Chris Hayes’ talking points without even being there. Carson is known to be a gifted neurosurgeon… perhaps he got telepathically through Hayes’s thick skull.

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H/T: Truth Revolt