Watch:  MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Dodges Rocks During Live Ferguson Report

A live broadcast out of the chaos in Ferguson turned ugly for MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes, when he was repeatedly barraged with rocks by passing protesters.

During the initial segment, Hayes was off camera discussing the presence of protesters walking past them on the street, when he suddenly let out a “whoa!”  You can clearly pick up audio of a rock landing close to Hayes.

The camera shot then returns to Hayes and co-reporter Craig Melvin.

Melvin says, “watch out Chris” and blocks another incoming rock from hitting Hayes.

Hayes then tells viewers, “They’re throwing rocks at us now.”

He surmised, “People are angry man, they’re really angry.”

One of the protesters stops to tell the crew that what’s happening in Ferguson is a “civil rights movement.”  Shortly thereafter, a protester dispenses with ‘civil’ discourse and shouts “they mad cause they know who the real Jews are, baby!”

Hayes disappointingly says, “Well, you heard that.”

Watch below (h/t Truth Revolt)…

It didn’t stop there for the MSNBC reporters, however. Later on during the segment, Hayes was dodging more rocks and Melvin was once again blocking them from making contact.

Hayes assured viewers that he and Melvin were both fine despite the tense situation.

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