Liberal gun grabbers are freaking out at the audacity of Miranda Lambert for daring to show her support for the Second Amendment at the American Country Music Awards last night!

And she did it in the most fabulous way possible!!

Check out her awesome shoes!

Miranda Lambert

LOL! I love it!!

Here’s more from People mag:

Lambert packed some serious heat on the carpet with her hot pink “Come & Take It” Joyce Echols stilettos, featuring a toy gun and holster accessory that costs $829. The embellished heels added an extra pop of color to her pleated, plunging Christian Siriano gown.

I wonder if those are properly registered with the local authorities! I’m pretty sure those are not allowed on most college campuses – they would send those special snowflake hipsters into spasms of “triggering” until they crawled into their safe spaces!

And that’s why we love them, and Miranda.

Here’s more on Miranda’s appearance at the ACM Awards:

What do you think? Are you a liberal who is offended by her shoes, or do you think they’re awesome?! Let us know what you think below!!