Tragedy has struck the family of Vice President Mike Pence. One of the beloved animals owned by Vice President Mike Pence and his family has passed away. Oreo, a black and white cat, died.

Oreo was one of the several animals who lived with the Pence family at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. Pickles the cat and Instagram star bunny Marlon Bundo also joined the Pences when they moved from Indiana to the Nation’s Capital.

Last year, just before the election, the Pences lost their 13-year-old beagle, Maverick.

The history of pets owned by the President and Vice President is a storied one. Besides the usual dogs and cats, silkworms, alligators, donkeys, possums, horses, bears, roosters, and even hippos have lived with the Executive families.

We’re all pet lovers here at TPI and understand that losing a beloved pet is losing a family member. You can always get a new pet, but the memories you make with a companion that has passed on never truly go away. We’ll be thinking about the Pences and their pets during this difficult time.

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