Megyn Kelly And Candace Owens Go At It In Epic Battle Over College Students Protesting Israel

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The conservative media personalities Megyn Kelly and Candace Owens got into a heated online exchange that quickly went off the rails over the weekend as they battled it out over the issue of whether or not college students who have shown support for Hamas while protesting against Israel should be blacklisted by future employers.

Students In Danger Of Being Blacklisted For Hamas Support

The New York Post reported that CEOs have been moving to blacklist Harvard students who supported a letter that blamed Israel for the slaughter of its own people by Hamas terrorists. The Republican presidential Vivek Ramaswamy, a graduate of Harvard, responded by taking to the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to say that it was “not productive” to blacklist these students.

“The Harvard student groups who co-signed the anti-Israel letter are simple fools,” Ramaswamy wrote. “But it’s not productive for companies to blacklist kids for being members of student groups that make dumb political statements on campus.”

“It’s not great now if companies refuse to hire kids who were part of student groups that once adopted the wrong view on Israel,” he continued. “This isn’t a legal point, it’s a cultural point. I say this as someone who vehemently disagrees with those Harvard student groups.”

Kelly Supports Blacklisting 

This did not sit well with the former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who expressed her firm belief that any college student who supports Hamas deserves to be blacklisted from future employment.

“If they are not ‘persuaded’ that murdering babies is wrong, there is no ‘persuading’ them,” Kelly wrote, referring to reports that Hamas terrorists have been brutally murdering Israeli babies.

“We don’t hire those who do the killing & we don’t hire those who applaud the killers while the savagery is underway,” she continued. “If you are open to hiring one of these lunatics, tho, good to know!”

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Owens Defends College Students 

Enter the rightwing media personality Candace Owens, who has a different perspective on the situation. While she doesn’t support Hamas terrorists herself, she knows from experience that one’s views in college do not necessarily reflect how they will evolve as a person gets older.

“Oh stop it. This is incredibly disingenuous, Megyn,” Owens wrote in response to Kelly. “You know that many of those students are not out there because they want babies to be murdered. College kids are stupid.”

“I used to be radically pro-choice,” Owens added. “Glad I didn’t get put on a ‘conservative’ black list for wanting babies murdered. As it turned out, I was just young and temporarily brainwashed from a public school education coupled with mainstreamed Hollywood lies— and not because I legitimately wanted to see infants torn from their mothers’ wombs.”

“Students are young and experimenting,” she concluded. “You are an adult woman who is advocating for their lives to be permanently pigeonholed because they have the wrong ideas which are likely being spoon fed to them in their classrooms.”

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Battle Between Kelly And Owens Escalates

Mediaite reported that the battle between the two women only devolved from there, with Kelly firing back by saying that having a liberal point of view on other issues is not the same “as taking to the streets to cheer murdered babies and blame said murders on the victims. But you go ahead and hire as many of them as you want Candace. I’m sure the Daily Wire will love that.”

Daily Wire currently employs Owens.

Not stopping there, Kelly also said that when it comes to her own show, she’ll be hiring interns “who saw murdered grandmas and entire families burned in their homes and easily identified this as a terrorist attack they would never in a million years defend.”

“You’re attempting snark, but as a matter of fact, I almost exclusively hired reformed BLM activists to work for my charity, BLEXIT,” Owens hit back in response. “They actually proved to be the most dedicated employees to the cause because the mission was personal to them…Students can change. I am living proof of it. Cultural propaganda coupled with educational brainwash has proven potent, but not irreversible.”

“I don’t mind your ire directed toward their administrators and professors (the root cause of their madness) but you are being entirely disingenuous when it comes to the students,” she added.

“Awesome! Keep it rolling!” Kelly sarcastically replied. “Students for Justice in Palestine will love your thoughtful lessons on how it’s bad to murder Jews. Can’t wait to see you turn their lives around.”

Who Is In The Right?

Kelly and Owens continued to take personal jabs at one another in the hours after that, but their main points were already made, and they each have interesting perspectives on this situation.

While it can be argued that college students are technically adults who deserve to be held accountable for their actions, it can also be argued that they are still young and inexperienced enough that their views will inevitably evolve over time, meaning they don’t necessarily deserve to be blacklisted for life for a radical political opinion that they once had in their youth.

Who do you think is in the right here, Kelly, or Owens? Let us know in the comments section.

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