President Biden Releases Statement Celebrating George Floyd’s Birthday and ‘Legacy’

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This past Saturday, President Joe Biden found time in his busy schedule to release a statement marking what would have been George Floyd’s 50th birthday. The statement was filled with overtures to Mr. Floyd’s apparent legacy.

President Biden capitalized on the moment to list out the actions his administration put into place after the death of Mr. Floyd, actions sold to make justice more ‘equitable’ for minorities in America and place better accountability on law enforcement. As usual, the statement left out inconvenient truths about the current state of law and order in our country, let alone about the alleged legacy of Mr. Floyd.

Shoulda coulda woulda

October 14th would have been George Floyd’s 50th birthday, and while he isn’t with his family to celebrate what should’ve been a happy time, his name and death were used by President Joe Biden to pander to the most extreme left-wing of this country.

In his statement commemorating Mr. Floyd, President Biden opens with:

“George Floyd should be alive. He should be celebrating his 50th birthday with his young daughter Gianna, family, and friends. He deserved so much more.”

I agree with the President. Mr. Floyd should be alive today, and like many black men in this country, he did deserve so much more. 

Mr. Floyd deserved an education rooted in values and skills translatable to the workforce. He deserved an environment that didn’t glamorize drug use and crime. 

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However, the truth is, there isn’t a guarantee Mr. Floyd would be alive for his 50th birthday had he not been killed three years ago. Between 1997 and 2007, Mr. Floyd was arrested nine times on various charges ranging from drugs to theft.

Case in point: in 2007, he was charged with aggravated robbery when he held a woman at gunpoint demanding drugs and money, and in 2019, he was arrested for drug possession.

Such dangerous activities aren’t usually conducive to long lives.

A most destructive inspiration

The President goes on to write:

“Today, we join his family to honor his life and legacy. And we remember the tragedy and injustice of his death that sparked one of the largest civil rights movements in our nation’s history and inspired the world.”

The Biden administration writers are painting quite a different picture from the reality of what happened across our country in our major cities after George Floyd’s death. We all watched as our cities burned to the ground.

In the name of George Floyd, cities that were jewels of commerce, architecture, art, and culture were all engulfed in flames and lawlessness. Estimated insurance costs due to property loss during the George Floyd riots clock in between $1 and $2 billion – a historic high. 

More importantly, 25 Americans were killed. Instead of the death of one man, America dealt with the death of 26 people.

Where are their birthday statements from the President – or perhaps they are acceptable sacrifices in the name of “inspiration”?

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One of the inspirations from the death of George Floyd was the revival of the “defund the police” movement, which many argue has increased crime and decreased accountability from coast to coast.

National Police Association spokeswoman Betsy Smith lays out the part of the inspiration born from Mr. Floyd’s death:

“For three years, we have been telling the public and when I say we, I’m talking about some of the media, I’m talking about activists, I am talking about political leadership in Washington, D.C., telling the residents that the police are bad, the police are racist, the police are this, the police are that.”

It’s no wonder few good cops are sticking around, and even fewer good men and women are stepping up to fill their rather large shoes.

Lost souls

President Biden closed his George Floyd birthday statement with this:

“George Floyd’s memory reminds us that there is more work to do to redeem the soul of America.”

As poetic as it would be to claim that the memory of a man whose soul was clearly troubled would help with the redemption of an entire country’s soul, the reality is the actions and, perhaps better put, the inaction of our elected leaders have merely propelled our collective soul further into darkness.

Black Lives Matter, which jettisoned into the spotlight after the death of Mr. Floyd, is a known Marxist-inspired organization.

Don’t take my word for it; take that of cofounder Patrisse Cullors, who has proudly proclaimed on numerous occasions that:

“We are trained Marxists.”

The Chicago BLM chapter posted their approval and downright celebration of the barbaric terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens this month by Hamas terrorists. No one should be surprised by a Chicago-based Marxist-inspired organization embracing mayhem and destruction.

The Windy City saw the destructive effects of a “Teen Takeover” where juvenile delinquents laid siege to The White City. We do have a lot of work to do to save the soul of our country, but none of it has anything to do with the failed policies pushed by this White House.

Only a sixth of Chicago 3rd graders can read at grade level, with only 9.5% of black Chicago 3rd graders proficient at reading. Last year in D.C., 97 juveniles were arrested for first-time violent crimes, and 90 juveniles were shot. 

What the death of George Floyd did for America is show our desire to displace the source of our problems as a society on easy targets versus facing our real demons.

Is there racism in our country? Yes. But racism isn’t why America’s youth don’t value human life, property, and the rule of law. 

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Racism isn’t why young black men are killing other young black men. Our addiction to glamorizing victimhood and minimizing excellence in education and value-based lifestyles are more in line with why.

George Floyd’s “legacy” is that of thousands of minorities and youth in this country who are pawns of the political left meant solely to be hapless victims. George Floyd’s death inspired opportunistic hustlers to capitalize on his tragic life and death to line their own pockets. 

George Floyd’s memory is that of a tortured soul, and the soul of his country has been sold in his name to chaos and madness.

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