Martha Stewart Opens Up About Aging At 82 – ‘Aging Is Not About Dying’

Martha Stewart
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Martha Stewart is opening up about aging in a new interview, saying that at 82, she is “living to the absolute fullest.”

Stewart Discusses Aging

“Aging isn’t something I think about,” Stewart said, according to Fox News. “How old I am, slowing down, retiring — I just don’t dwell on that.”

“People talk about aging successfully, but I think of it as living gracefully and living to the absolute fullest,” she continued. “I’m about trying new things and learning new things every single day. Staying fresh, being interesting and interested. Staying curious, staying busy, developing new friendships.”

Stewart went on to say that she has never had any health problems, and that she is not on any medication.

“And at age 77, I stopped wearing glasses after wearing corrective lenses from the time I was 16,” she explained. “I’m not bragging about it. Something weird happened. I got an infection in my eyes, and my doctor gave me steroids for it, and the result was 20/20 vision. They call it second sight. I’m pretty fortunate.”

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Stewart’s Daily Routine

Stewart then said that she wakes up “early, early, early” every day at around 4am, and then does Pilates at 6:15 three days a week.

“I ride horses. I travel. On a recent trip to Maine, I was hiking and boating and doing all the fun things you do there,” she continued. “But I also work hard every day on things that challenge me and invigorate me.”

Stewart’s goal is to follow the example that was set for her by her mother Martha Kostyra when it comes to aging.

“My mother was my idol because she was so vibrant and healthy and strong,” she said. “She had six children, lived to 93 and was the ultimate example of successful living.”

“The idea is that aging is not about dying; it’s about living well,” she added. “Because people are aging so differently now. The average life span has increased. By 2034, there will be more people over 65 than under 18. New communities are popping up where older people are caring for themselves and exploring life in new ways.”

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Stewart Poses For Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit

Earlier this year, Stewart showed the world that age really is just a number when she posed in a bathing suit on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit. Stewart spent two months getting in shape for the photoshoot, seeing it as an “assignment.”

“I immediately cut out bad foods, worked out, worked on my arms and on elongating my muscles. And the shoot came out great,” she said. “People told me it made them feel good about themselves, and that’s important to me. If you take care of yourself, you can live an active, healthy, long life.”

Stewart described her two grandchildren Jude, 12, and Truman, 11, as her “greatest teachers.”

“They want to see everything. But so do I,” she admitted. “So much is still undone. I’ve accomplished a lot but certainly not everything. Who in the world has done everything they’ve wanted to do? Nobody.”

When asked what she wants to be remembered for in one hundred years, Stewart expressed her hope that people will simply say, “Did you make Martha’s apple pie? Because it really is the best recipe.”

God bless Stewart for continuing to show the world that it’s possible to age with grace. We wish her many years of health and happiness to come!

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