California Housing Crisis Is So Bad That People Are Renting 4-Foot ‘Sleeping Pods’ For $900 Per Month

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The housing market in the liberal-run state of California has gotten to be so bad that people are renting four-foot “sleeping pods” for $900 per month.

Yes, you read that correctly.

California Sleeping Pods

MSN reported that Brownstone Housing has opened locations in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Bakersfield, converting two homes and an office space into “homes” for dozens of people, with rents ranging in price from $500-$900. The pods that are available to rent are 3.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, making them just big enough to fit a twin mattress inside.

Amenities in the pods include charging stations, LED lights and individual climate control systems. Residents must share bathrooms, and they can use storage lockers for their personal items. This comes as California is in the midst of a housing crisis, with rents in all three of these cities being insanely expensive.

“In Bakersfield, the median studio apartment rents for $995, according to Zillow,” Yahoo News reported. “In San Francisco, the figure is $2,200. And in Palo Alto, the median studio rents for $2,300.”

Find out more about this in the video below.

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Life In Sleeping Pods

Christian Lewis, the founder of an artificial intelligence startup, took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to say that he is living in the San Francisco pod community for a month.

“Several AI founders and indie hackers here,” he wrote, and “the downstairs lounges are actually nice.”

Lewis went on to say that the building in which his pod is located is occupied by about 20 people and features five bathrooms and two showers. Aside from the money he’s saving on rent, Lewis said that the benefit of life in his pod is that “there’s a lot of cool people here too.”

Brownstone Housing was founded by James Stallworth, 31, and Christina Lennox, 29, both of whom struggled with housing in the past.

“We have 50 beds between our three properties,” Stallworth said, “and 49 are booked.”

Stallworth went on to say that their goal is to solve the housing crisis in California.

“Our goal is to solve the problem, so we’re definitely planning on expanding,” he stated.

A LinkedIn post from earlier this year states that among the 28 tenants at the San Francisco location are “a recent college grad from Wisconsin who’s here to explore opportunities in San Francisco, a designer who works for a consulate, and the founder of an AI startup.”

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Investigation Launched

San Francisco officials have already launched an investigation into Brownstone Housing, however.

“We are aware of the issue and have opened an investigation to determine if there is a code violation,” Patrick Hannan, a spokesperson for the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, told Forbes. He added that city officials will be conducting a “site visit” in the near future.

Last year, Palo Alto’s Planning and Development Services cited the owner of the house that Brownstone had leased in the city for numerous code violations.

“I understand Brownstone Shared Housing is no longer associated with that property,” said Jonathan Lait, Palo Alto’s director of planning and development department. “Any related violations were either corrected or addressed upon their departure.”

This all just goes to show what a mess California has become since it was completely taken over by leftists in recent years. In the end, California residents might want to think twice about continuing to vote for Democrats who are driving their state into the ground!

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