media bias
One of the more maddening parts of being a responsible citizen in America and trying to be properly informed is banging up against the wall of ignorance and bias that the mainstream media puts up.

And what is even more insane is how willing they are to DENY their bias, all while wallowing in it.

If you don’t believe me watch this amazing video of “objective” anchors demanding gun control:

BOOM!! Nearly every moment of coverage from the news networks after the Orlando shooting was devoted to indoctrinating viewers into sympathy for LGBT causes, or shoving gun control on them!

And even still the media morons have the gall to get indignant when someone questions their obviously biased motivations.

Here’s when Obama actually made it sound like the media was too biased AGAINST him, and Jake Tapper called him out on it:

What do you think? Is the mainstream media absurdly and stupidly biased for gun control? Let us know in the comments section below!!!