Lindsey Graham Humiliates Joy Behar On Her Own Show

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina must have been in a generous mood on Thursday. Why else would any sane Republican deign to appear on the most repulsive show in the history of television, The View.

There have no doubt been PBS documentaries on the mating habits of the moray eel. A medical cable channel has probably covered the physical effects of amoebic dysentery in excruciating detail. But no televised offering can quite match the sheer cackling illogical mental regurgitation that is highlighted every weekday on The View. Those harridans make Lenny in Of Mice and Men look like an MIT astrophysicist.

Nevertheless, Graham ventured into the den of gorgons and was petulantly asked by coven chief Joy Behar to name three things the president has done right in fighting the coronavirus. She prefaced her query with a nasty jab at the president’s ego. Her tone in asking the question implied Graham couldn’t come up with even one thing the president did right. She was in for a comeuppance.

“The first thing he did was — [on], I think January 31st — stop travel from China. The Chinese are the bad guy here if you’re looking for a bad guy,” said Graham. He also said that the Chinese travel ban “probably saved us a lot of heartache,” saying that move “flattened the curve.”

Number two was listening to Doctor Fauci and Dr. Birx and number three was declaring a national emergency to fight the virus. Behar, clearly not happy with his quick riposte, asked him a leading question on the halt to funding for the World Health Organization.

Graham shot back, “I think they conspired with China to downplay the nature of the virus, that they reported all through January there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission…The money that’s being suspended will go to other people throughout the world to deal with health issues.”
The entire interview did not go well for Joy Behar. Not well at all.

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  • Awww couldn'thappen to a nastier person ,does she want us to have a pity party for her ? Oo oo maybe she can go to her good friend Hillary and ask her if she can have a accident happen to that nasty man Lindsey Graham

  • Sooner or later Joy is going to cut her own throat. People to think they are working their way up the ladder often kiss someone's butt who can take then to higher levels in their corporation or in her line of work maybe a higher job as a producer or VP of the network she works for. More than once in my 40 years as a nurse I have known nurses in moderate job title positions do the same things to impress their superiors and to win pointes so when the promotions are announced, ones she just knew because she had been promised a higher level job such as Nursing supervisor if by subliminally or insinuations that she was really in the running. Turns out all those years of doing what she had to do to impress the boss, well guess what she was threw under the bus, the unit manager who had been there 6 months got the job.All that time doing degrading, tiring hrs of extra work etc.. got her nowhere, won her nothing except maybe the loss of respect by her peers. Oh I almost forgot to mention Joy has narsscistic tenancies, Is over bearing, just about the nastiest personality in a talk show host I have ever had the misfortune to watch. She is one person in this world that I hope she finally gets her come uppends, if not in this world in the next. Unless she would turn her life around and stop being anti Christ, Then by the time she meets the Almighty it will be too late to change her mind if He existence or not. It will be a fearful time for some to fall into the hands of the Living God!

  • This needs to happen to Behar more often. I never saw a more scheming, screaming, incoherent SHREW! The only person I can say deserves the Joe Biden demented name tag is her "DOG FACED PONY SOLDIER" HA!

  • Graham is a Republican has always been one for a long time...Sometimes, when a politician becomes best friend for a very long time, McCain was a Republican and he was the one that started the crap about Trump and Trump fought back...That is one of the reason why, Graham acted hostile against Trump, to protect McCain...After that, Graham went back to his old self..

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