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Don't Call It 'Monkeypox,' WHO Says Name is Racist, Changes It to 'Mpox'
November 29, 2022
In what seems to be another foray into left wing “logic,” the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Monday that they would no longer use the term “monkeypox” because of “racist and stigmatizing language” over usage of the term.
facebook lifts ban COVID
May 27, 2021
Facebook announced that it would not restrict posts about claims that COVID-19 might be man-made or manufactured, lifting its ban.
China COVID coverup
February 23, 2021
China has refused to turn over raw data on early cases of COVID to WHO investigators and President Biden has yet to speak publicly about it.
July 8, 2020
Hillary Clinton said that President Trump’s decision to formally withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO) is a “self-inflicted disaster.”
Barbra Streisand Trump
June 12, 2020
Barbra Streisand just claimed that President Donald Trump is “dangerous to our health” during a fundraiser for Joe Biden.
Farrow Trump
May 25, 2020
Mia Farrow just outrageously claimed that President Donald Trump will “kill off all” his supporters by reopening churches.
Coronavirus Business
May 22, 2020
A new study has found that coronavirus infection rates have actually declined in states that have reopened, contrary to what the media has said.
Lindsey Graham
May 5, 2020
Lindsey Graham is defying the left to call out China’s Communist Party, saying their deception is responsible for global pandemic.
April 24, 2020
Governor Andrew Cuomo said there needs to be a “hard look” at “the experts who should have been watching for the coronavirus outbreak
Pompeo WHO
April 23, 2020
Speaking to Laura Ingraham, Secretary Mike Pompeo said that the US might stop funding the World Health Organization completely.
Taylor Swift Lady Gaga
April 19, 2020
Liberal celebrities are being slammed for taking part in a benefit concert for the World Health Organization (WHO), which took place last night.
Cher Trump
April 17, 2020
Cher just attacked millions of Republicans in this country by accusing them of turning their heads while President Donald Trump “kills Americans.”