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While Reporting Live on Illegal Immigration Crisis, Reporter Gets Attacked by Migrant

Europe is seeing the cost of their open borders and migrant policy laid bare. Crime is rising and people are being assaulted – even in huge public crowds.

One country that is experiencing this is Italy.

To understand how dire the situation has become, an Italian news reporter for Matrix visited a large group of migrant men sleeping outside a train station. She was acting extremely polite and speaking quietly and at a distance.

Then the camera began to shake and the female reporter began to scream. There are several seconds of chaos and confusion with the reporter shouting “We’ve been assaulted!”

Watch the stunning video below:

Europe is paying the price for their open borders and “tolerance.” The cash-strapped nations of Greece and Italy are the first in line to receive migrants and are on the hook for them financially. Greece has shelled out a near $700 million in costs. In Italy, the cost of housing migrants exceeded $1 billion.

While Greece received the largest number of migrants via boat last year, Italy received over 67,000.

reporter attacked by immigrant

In 2017, Italy received over 100,000 asylum applications.

reporter attacked by immigrant

The question is, how much longer will Europe put up with this? Their budgets are already at a straining point. Nationalist and anti-immigration parties are gaining traction all across the continent. Enough will soon be enough. This is a harsh reality. Many of the people coming to Europe are not trying to integrate… as is clearly the case when women are attacked openly in the streets. Not only that, but European attitudes towards migrants are not very good.

reporter attacked by immigrant

Europe will have to make some very tough decisions in the next few years. They’ll have to decide if they want secure borders and a rational immigration system or if they want their borders to continue to be wide open to the detriment of both the migrants and the countries they are attempting to come to.

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