I Knew The BLM Marriage With Professional Sports Was Just For Show – So Did Many Others

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Adam Silver, the National Basketball Association commissioner, dropped a bombshell nugget that the NBA will likely remove the Black Lives Matter symbolism from its promotions next season.

Who the hell is still watching the games? Especially in this ridiculous farce of a “season.”

Talk about a “lost season.” Major League Baseball too.

What a joke it is, with their silly masks while standing 90 feet apart, and playing only 60 games, half the players not playing.

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What a joke sports have become. Man, if I had millions, I’d be starting a competing sports league for ALL the sports.

If the time was ever ripe to break the professional sporting monopolies, now is it.

Have you noticed how every sports bar, including Hooters, Twin Peaks, and associated businesses, have the games on multiple TVs, but few pay any attention to it?

If you’re still allowed to go to restaurants and bars where you live, that is.

Same with the NFL. Except for a big play, when a huge cheer goes up, and people glance at the television to watch a replay. Then they go back to their food and beverage.

Much of the cheering is from the people betting on the game!

If Biden Gets Elected, Race Relations Will Get Worse

If Democrats get their way, and Biden is elected, you’ll see a huge increase in “suburban black youth” as Biden revives the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) program of the Obama years and starts moving inner-city folk out to upscale white suburbs.

Let’s see how the suburban soccer moms feel then.

The moms who will have voted Biden into power because they cared more about President Trump being too “icky” for them.

Will they like the hard left drift of the party they voted for?

We’ll see if they like the Detroitification of their neighborhoods, when their property values plummet so precipitously that the only way for them to leave is to walk away from their homes.

Then again, clueless as they are and exemplifying the “useful idiot” mentality, they’ll probably still figure that somehow it has to be all Trump’s fault.

They won’t connect their vote for Democrats with the destruction of their neighborhoods.

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Placing The Blame On Obama Is Justified

Barack Obama spent eight years actively wrecking this country while blaming his predecessor in the White House, George W. Bush, for the wreckage his own policies produced.

Biden will do the same, pursuing policies that actively wreck this country while all the time blaming that wreckage on his predecessor, President Trump.

However, the big difference between Bush and Trump is that Bush held his tongue as an ex-president while his successor whaled on him.

Trump would absolutely not stay silent while Biden blames his own policy failures as president on his predecessor. Trump would lash back.

The tiny consolation for us “deplorables” is that these Democrat-voting suburbanites will not be able to connect the dots between who they voted for and the destructive policies of the politicians they elected.

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They can blame Republicans long since departed from the political scene all they want, but it won’t ameliorate even an iota of that misery.

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The civil war that a Joe Biden and/or Kamala Harris administration may soon have this country embroiled in, as they seek to turn this country into yet another failed Marxist state, is something most Americans should regret.

One Thing Is For Sure: It’s Too Late For The NBA

Well, it is too late, commissioner.

The NBA has supremely offended adult intelligent Americans who no longer care what these overpaid, loudmouth, walking, talking, tattoo parlor billboards do or say.

Thanks to your complete failure to keep politics out of professional sports and refuse to acquiesce to race-baiting and instead blatantly endorse it, you’re complicit in destroying the game.

Well done.


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