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Obama NBA
July 29, 2021
Former Barack Obama has joined the NBA in a deal that aims to push “gender equality, social responsibility.”
NBA ratings
April 19, 2021
The NBA appears to be suffering from a massive dip in TV ratings due to too much politics being included in their programming.
Biden Cuban
February 11, 2021
Joe Biden “respects this kind of protest” after Mark Cuban stops playing national anthem before Mavericks games, Jen Psaki says.
blm nba
October 8, 2020
Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, dropped a bombshell nugget that the NBA will remove the BLM symbolism in the 2021 season.
NBA Commissioner
October 8, 2020
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver believes the social justice messages happening during games will mostly end after the current season.
March 13, 2020
Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert contracted the Covid-19 virus, and the National Basketball Association suspended the season until further notice.