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Ryan Carson
Source: Screenshot YouTube
October 5, 2023
Friends of social justice activist Ryan Carson, who was just murdered in NYC, say he would use his death to fight racism.
woke criminal justice reform
Katie Crampton (WMUK), CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
November 14, 2022
With so many people becoming victims of crime these days, we need to realize that the damage to victims often lasts many years after the crime.
blm nba
October 8, 2020
Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, dropped a bombshell nugget that the NBA will remove the BLM symbolism in the 2021 season.
NBA Commissioner
October 8, 2020
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver believes the social justice messages happening during games will mostly end after the current season.
Lady Gaga American
September 17, 2020
Lady Gaga just attacked America, saying “when you’re born in this country, we all drink the poison that is white supremacy.”
May 1, 2019
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo defended the domestic terrorist group Antifa, claiming their “good cause” is not comparable to that of […]