Friend Of Leftwing Activist Murdered In NYC Says He Would Use His Death To Fight Structural Racism

Ryan Carson
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Yesterday, we reported that the social justice activist Ryan Carson was stabbed to death in New York City in an unprovoked attack in the early hours of Monday morning. Though his death exposed just how out of control crime is in the liberal-run city of New York, Carson’s fellow leftwing activists are claiming that his own murder would not have changed his outlook on social justice.

Carson Would Use His Death To Fight ‘Structural Wrongs,’ Friend Says

“I know he would have wanted people to use his death as a means to talk about structural wrongs in the city,” New York State Assembly member Emily Gallagher (D), a friend of Carson’s, told The Gothamist.

“I’m absolutely positive that he would immediately see that this was a person who was suffering from a lack of resources in our community, who probably needs better mental health support, possibly housing, possibly drug support, drug treatment,” she added. “What he would want to avenge his death is for us to fix how broken this city is.”

Prior to his death, Carson, 32, had worked for the New York Public Interest Research Group, a nonprofit focusing on environmental causes. He had previously pushed for other liberal efforts like creating supervised drug injection sites across the city.

Daily Mail reported that Carson had also been outspoken against police.

“The fact of the matter is I’m f*****g scared,” he said in October of 2020. “I spent this summer, like many of the past years of my life, watching people I care about get attacked by the police in the streets.”

Backstory: Social Justice Activist Stabbed To Death In NYC In Unprovoked Attack Caught On Camera

Carson’s Murder

Carson were sitting at a bus stop as they returned home from a wedding at 4am on Monday morning when they were approached by an irate man who could be seen on video pushing over a motor scooter as they tried to leave.

“What are you looking at?” the assailant yelled as he approached the couple.

He then began to push Carson, who responded by telling the attacker to calm down.

“I’ll kill you!” the assailant screamed before pulling out a knife and stabbing Carson several times in the chest.

Carson’s girlfriend, who was not injured in the attack, called 911 as the suspect appeared to spit in her face and kick the bleeding Carson. Find out more about this in the video below.

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Suspect Arrested

Police have since apprehended Carson’s attacker, describing him as an “emotionally disturbed” 18-year-old Brooklyn man named Brian Dowling, who works in a school Clinton Hill and has previous citations for disorderly conduct. Just two months ago, Dowling’s own aunt called 911, calling him “emotionally disturbed” after he broke his girlfriend’s belongings during a heated fight.

ABC7 reported that Dowling has been arrested and charged with murder with depraved indifference and criminal possession of a weapon. NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said that both Carson and his girlfriend had never had any prior interactions with Dowling.

It’s unfortunate that the social justice activists who were close to Carson don’t want to see his senseless murder as a wakeup call to the devastating impact that woke policies have had on crime. In the end, Carson would likely be alive today if the liberals who run New York City had not been so soft on crime in recent years.

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