WI Democrat Senate Candidate Barnes Advocates Extreme Criminal Justice Positions, Cozies Up To Dictators

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The crop of 2022 Democrat Senate candidates is maybe the most radical that has been seen in a while. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the Wisconsin Senate race.

A review by the Washington Free Beacon of Democrat Senate candidate Mandela Barnes’ Twitter account reveals Barnes’ support for just about every oppressive regime and dictator throughout the world.

And of course, Barnes’ views on letting dangerous criminals out of prison are seriously out-of-step with the average person.

For example, Barnes, the current Lt. Governor of Wisconsin, has said that he would like to be the “Dennis Rodman” of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Rodman, a former NBA star, is a friend of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

But Mandela Barnes’ social media history brings up serious questions about if elected, which anti-American forces Barnes might align himself with.

Another example: Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei posted a tweet critical of America’s history of slavery, saying, “The issue of US govt oppression against blacks is a 100s year-old issue,” and added the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

Barnes’ response to the leader of one of the most repressive regimes in the world? Take a look:

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Radical Positions on Crime

Mandela Barnes is like a lot of his fellow radical candidates.

While running for Lt. Governor, he supported the release of roughly half of Wisconsin’s prison population. While on the campaign trail, he told a crowd of people, “We spend a billion and a half dollars each year to keep people in prisons in Wisconsin. Which is very unfortunate because we can cut our population in half. We can make our communities safer, and we can save money in the process.”

While reasonable people may argue that perhaps non-violent offenders should be given a second look, “half” of the prison population is most certainly not that.


Under Democrat Gov. Tony Evers administration, prison inmates are being released to the point that lawsuits have been filed for hiding information from the public on who exactly is being released.

Since Mandela Barnes and Tony Evers were elected, murder in Barnes’ hometown of Milwaukee has skyrocketed 128%. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel newspaper has even taken to tracking homicides in Milwaukee, not only to memorialize the victims, but to maybe get a better understanding of why so much deadly violence is occurring in the city. 

Perhaps Mandela Barnes should get a handle on crime before he starts releasing criminals.

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Barnes Just One Of Many Radical Candidates

But in this election cycle, Barnes is in the company of other especially radical candidates. Pennsylvania Senate candidate, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is right in step with Mandela Barnes. (What’s the deal with radical Lt. Governors, anyway?)

John Fetterman is nearly a carbon copy of Mandela Barnes. As a member of Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons, there were 26 times where Fetterman voted to commute life sentences – mostly for murderers – against the advice of law enforcement experts.

Fetterman has also voted to extend pardons and commutations to people convicted of violent crimes, including first-degree murder.

Does any of this sound like fair, reasonable second chances for non-violent offenders?

Fetterman says he is “proud” of his record on the pardon board. Watch here:

It’s completely out of touch. As a recent Harvard poll points out, 68% of voters said crime was “very important.” 

By “very important,” I don’t think those voters mean its “very important” to let murderers out of jail while crime runs rampant.

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