Hillary Does THIS to Press During Parade… Watch Their Reaction

Hillary Clinton kept the press at a distance when she walked in a New Hampshire parade on the Fourth of July. The presidential candidate, who seemingly is allergic to speaking with the press and Americans who aren’t screened by by her campaign, has a bit of an optical nightmare after her campaign roped off the press in order to keep them from interacting with her during the parade.

Initially, the press was able to get close enough to Hillary to hear her interact with people along the parade route. But, the campaign must have felt it was too risky to have evidence of words being exchanged with the former Secretary of State and unscreened people on the street, so they pulled out a rope to keep the press back. Staffers even dragged press along with the rope at times when the journalists were walking slowly.

One reporter tried to get past the rope, but was corralled back out of earshot from any interactions Hillary was having.

Perhaps the campaign was concerned about seeing how she would handle those who didn’t approve of her failures.

The press can’t pretend to be seriously reporting the news while being treated in such a demeaning manner and not given access to someone who is asking to be our Commander in Chief. They need to stop covering Hillary on only her terms. The press looks like a bunch of lapdogs waiting for her to toss them scraps of unwanted leftovers from her meal. If they stop catering to Hillary’s every want, giving her campaign controlled publicity, then perhaps the public will take them seriously.

What do you think Hillary was trying to tell the press by making them walk behind a rope? Please comment below.

H/T: Legal Insurrection