Barack Obama Is Allowing His Daughter to Intern for THIS Admitted Child Molester

Barack Obama has shown the nation his leadership skills as Commander-In-Chief are at the bottom of the barrel. He is not interested in setting an example for the black community nor the country as a whole. We know he’s in the lame portion of his presidency and he’s showing it almost on a daily basis.

However, you would expect as parent, he would care just a little bit about who his daughter hangs around — especially admitted child molesters — but then again he continues to shock us all!


Apparently the First Family feels it’s appropriate to allow 17-year-old Malia to spend time on the set of the often x-rated HBO show Girls, which would include alone time with self-admitted child molester Lena Dunham.

So, what’s the big deal? This is the big deal — Lena Dunham is notorious for not only sexually abusing her sister, but even bragging and joking about the behavior. In her controversial book Not That Kind Of Girl, she describes sexual “experimentation” with her much younger sister, beginning when the sibling was only a toddler. Dunham states she attempted to persuade sister Grace using “anything a sexual predator might do.”

What do you think about this?

H/T: Celebrity YahooTruth Revolt

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