Gutfeld Destroys Obama For His Climate Change Comments


Time to apply the Mercy Rule.

Greg Gutfeld unloaded on the President for his climate change comments during a speech at the Coast Guard Commencement ceremonies, saying Obama is simply being dishonest because he has “no sense of objective morality.”

“It’s disgusting,” he stated before clutching his forehead. “Is he a parody?”

Watch the host of Fox’s The Five absolutely go off on the President…



Gutfeld would eventually make a counterargument that makes about as much sense as the President’s fixation on climate change.

“You know what? They hate coal because it’s black. They’re racist. And they love those windmills because they’re white. That’s the logic.”

Gutfeld wasn’t done yet. When The Five’s most liberal guest, Juan Williams, defended Obama using Josh Earnest’s words about “setting our hair on fire,” Gutfeld pounced.

“They did set a guy on fire, Juan! They set a guy on fire! And that wasn’t from the sun. That was lighter fluid in a cage!”

What do you think of Gutfeld’s rant? Do you agree that the President’s lack of priorities is maddening? Tell us.

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