Malkin: Hillary Lays it on Thicker Than THIS John Deere Product!



Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin responded to the latest Hillary Clinton news involving her feigned support for transparency of her State Department e-mails, as well as her ties to Sidney Blumenthal, an aide who allegedly advised her on the Libyan Civil War via private e-mail accounts, while simultaneously lobbying for business contracts in the country.

Malkin, as is her usual style, held nothing back, accusing Mrs. Clinton of being … well … full of something.

Clinton “lays it on thicker than a John Deere manure spreader,” she quipped.

Malkin added that the Clintons don’t ever actually answer questions, they simply “evade them.”

Watch Malkin in action below …

Malkin also discussed her new book with the Fox crew, which she says is a counter to the “wealth-shaming of the progressives and Obama.” It is titled,¬†Who Built That: Awe-Inspiring Stories of American Entrepreneurs.

She implored Republicans to find a way to convey their counter-positions, to articulate the value of hard work, and emphasize the power of American exceptionalism.

“How can we not sell freedom?” she asked. “It’s the best product on the face of this earth.”

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