Democrats and the liberal media are now obsessed with Russia. But during President Donald J. Trump’s speech on Tuesday before Congress – which was watched by more than 40 million people – people noticed that Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak was in attendance.

And guess where the Ambassador sat? On the Democrats’ side:

Kislyak is a frequent visitor to the Capital too, as Fox News’ Brit Hume notes (below).

Other top Senate Democrats should probably have questions to answer too, perhaps?

Clearly, this Russia scandal has been blown out of proportion. Russia is not America’s friend, and former Obama insiders are using the “deep state” to attack Trump in any way they can.

It’s apparent that the Democrats have deep ties to the Russian government, and a picture has recently surfaced showing House Minority Leader at a meeting with Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev and Ambassador Kislyak. Given the Democrats’ long history of meeting with top Russian officials, it’s hypocritical of them to attack the president and his team for doing the same thing!

Politics is a dirty business, and it’s essential for Trump’s administration to fight back against these shameful, false accusations.

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