The media is busy distracting Americans with fake scandals involving President Donald J. Trump’s administration and Russia.

Now, Democrats and willing accomplices in the mainstream media are busy attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions for doing his job as a United States Senator… meeting with ambassadors in an official capacity.

Sessions made it clear during his confirmation hearing that he never spoke to Russian officials about the Trump campaign. But U.S. Senators talk about official matters with ambassadors every day. It’s routine and expected.

But while former Obama White House officials continue to drop leaks, we’re being distracted from an inconvenient fact: Former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was deeply connected to the Russian government.

The corrupt Clinton Foundation made the Clinton family wealthy and gave foreign governments the ability to buy favors from Obama’s federal government. That same foundation received millions from individuals linked to Putin, and Clinton was involved in approving a deal that gave a Vladimir Putin-linked company sway over 1/5th of America’s uranium production capacity. Uranium is used in the creation of nuclear bombs, among other things.

As The Daily Mail reported in 2015, the Clinton-Russia ties run deep:

In one case a foundation run by the chairman of Uranium One, a nuclear energy company tied to Russia, gave the Clintons’ family philanthropy millions while Hillary’s State Department gave its stamp of approval to the company’s purchase of U.S. uranium.

The Russian state atomic agency Rosatom purchased a majority stake in the Vancouver-based company in a years-long process that unfolded from 2009 to 2013 – the same years Mrs. Clinton was America’s secretary of state.

The executive, Ian Telfer, gave the Clinton Foundation $2.35 million during the same time through his family’s Fernwood Foundation.

Bill Clinton, the former U.S. president, also received one of his highest speaking fees, $500,000, in June 2010 in Moscow for addressing an investment bank linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

He earned more than $100 million for his speeches from 2001 to 2013. That number comes from financial disclosure statements filed by Hillary when she was a U.S. senator and, later, secretary of state.

An investigation by The New York Times uncovered the connections, based on interviews and public records in Canada, the U.S. and Russia.

This is NOT a picture of Senator Jeff Sessions:

The level of bias here is insane. This is a top American government official with long-term presidential goals cashing millions of dollars of checks at her family’s foundation from the Russian government and its surrogates.

While the media ignores this and the FBI seems to have dropped any hope of a criminal investigation for Hillary Clinton, they are breathlessly looking for something – anything – to tie Trump to Russia.

As Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News, the Sessions controversy is a cover-up in search of a crime.

What do you think about Hillary Clinton’s deep financial ties to Russia? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.

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