GOP Front-Runner Donald Trump’s Epic Response to What Barack Obama Claimed

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he could win a third term in office if he ran again but that he is barred by the Constitution.

“I actually think I’m a pretty good President. I think if I ran, I could win. But I can’t,” Obama ad-libbed during a speech in Ethiopia. “There’s a lot that I’d like to do to keep America moving. But the law is the law, and no person is above the law, not even the president.”

GOP candidate and front-runner Donald Trump got wind of this arrogant boast by Obama and weighed in on it when he appeared “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren. He said he’d beat President Obama “so easily” if Mr. Obama ran for a third term.

“Obama would get creamed if he ran again,” Mr. Trump said. “I would love to run against him. I would love to run against him.”

“People are tired of these politicians,” Trump said. “We need energy, we need enthusiasm, and we need a much tougher tone.”

Obama is a flaming narcissist. He really believes all his own lies. He is by far the worst president this country has ever had and that is saying a lot. He is so impressed with himself, he really believes he is doing the country good by turning it into what his warped perception if it is.

I am just glad Trump is ready to pounce every time someone goes off the deep end. Check out this video clip:

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