Watch What Happens When Geraldo Rivera Defends Planned Parenthood — Boom!


Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News’ The Five has a message for people appearing in the Planned Parenthood undercover videos, and their supporters.

“There’s a special place in Hell” for you.

The panel engaged in a discussion of the third Planned Parenthood video released yesterday, which shows a high-ranking official at their Denver location dissecting an aborted baby while discussing profits from the organs. Most people agree the video was the most abhorrent one thus far.

Most people.

Geraldo Rivera shockingly defended the group saying the videos were taken illegally, and the organs may be used for research to save lives.

He lamented that these videos could prevent research in the future that could find a cure for heart disease or cancer.

That’s when each member of the panel took turns destroying Geraldo’s theory.

Eric Bolling cut off his ‘research’ argument saying “There’s no question that they were trying to profit.”

Greg Gutfeld then gave a hypothetical. “What if we found out that a fetus nutritionally was fantastic? Would we now have it for breakfast?”

Dana Perino added that Planned Parenthood doesn’t need to do these things because the science has advanced to the point where they can grow these research cells in the lab.

Guilfoyle however, saved the best for last, unleashing on both Geraldo and Planned Parenthood in general.


Guilfoyle: “Wake up and have a conscience because there’s a special place in hell for people who don’t think this is disgusting.”

You can hear the disdain in Guilfoyle’s comments, while she simultaneously casts her eyes in Geraldo’s direction.

Geraldo continued to be combative to the end though, saying “thinking it’s disgusting is different than thinking it’s illegal.”

Gutfeld responded just before the commercial break, “Well there you go, morality doesn’t matter.”

After watching the videos, do you think Planned Parenthood is doing research or selling baby parts for a profit?

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