Flashback: 67% Of Democrats Believed Russia Switched Vote Tallies In 2016 Election

A 2018 poll showed Democrats legitimately believed Russia had tampered with vote tallies as a means to help President Trump secure the White House.
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Two years after the 2016 presidential election, a YouGov poll showed that 67% of Democrats legitimately believed that Russia had tampered with vote tallies as a means to help President Donald Trump secure the White House.

The information seems relevant as we now see Trump and 18 associates indicted in Georgia for crimes that allegedly include “falsely testifying to lawmakers that election fraud had occurred.”

As part of the 13-count indictment, simply saying election fraud took place is now being criminalized. Trump was also indicted earlier this month for, as the Associated Press reports, allegedly conducting “a months-long campaign of lies about the election results.”

Democrats, though, had a monopoly on denying election results for years prior, eventually leading to a mind virus in which their voters legitimately believed Russia switched votes in the 2016 election.

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Two-Thirds Of Democrats Believed Russia Switched Votes In 2016 Election

Journalist Glenn Greenwald commented on the election fraud claims coming from the left in a post on Twitter, now known as X.

“50% of Clinton voters now believe Russian hackers *tampered with vote tallies* to help Trump,” he wrote one month after the 2016 election. “Dem pundits [are] encouraging this Fake News belief.”

Indeed, he added a bar graph from a YouGov poll showing those numbers, along with the fact that a whopping 75% of Hillary Clinton voters believed “millions of illegal votes were cast in the election.”

For those on the right, even suggesting hundreds of illegal votes have been cast in an election will earn you a fact-check and a demotion on your social media posts.

Democrat pundits in the media were so effective at selling the Russia election meddling claims that a staggering 67% of Democrats in 2018 still believed they had actually switched votes.

“Two out of three Democrats also claim Russia tampered with vote tallies on Election Day to help the President,” YouGov again reported, “something for which there has been no credible evidence.”

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Democrats: The Original Election Deniers

After the 2016 presidential election, the American media embarked on a coordinated effort with Democrats to push a false narrative about the results and Russia’s role, delegitimizing the presidency of Trump.

It worked, casting a pall over his administration throughout his entire term.

The Senate Intelligence Committee would later debunk the conspiracy theory.

“The Committee has not seen any evidence that vote tallies were manipulated or that voter registration information was deleted or modified,” they wrote, even as intelligence agencies confirmed as such back in January of 2017.

That’s how powerful the media narrative was. Intel officials said it wasn’t true, but a year later, two-thirds of Democrats still believed it.

Now the media narrative has been reversed due to the players involved. Claiming election fraud is once again taboo – if not criminal – because it is Republicans who are more skeptical.

The Political Insider has reported extensively on how Democrat lawmakers not only denied election results, but also took action during the electoral process to delegitimize those results.

Numerous prominent Democrats denied election results in 2000, 2004, and of course, again in 2016.

In all, seven different Democrats objected 11 times to certifying the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Where are the Republican district attorneys armed with their grand jury indictments?

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