Ex-ICE Head Homan Slams Biden – ‘First President In The History Of The Nation That’s…Facilitating Illegal Immigration’

In the wake of Vice President Kamala Harris finally visiting the border last week, former ICE Director Thomas Homan went on Fox News to say that she should have “been embarrassed” by the circumstances there.

Homan Sounds Off

“[I] might hear you mention Kamala Harris at El Paso border today,” he said. “What a shame. She should have been embarrassed. She’s going to go down there and see the men and women who she called Nazis. She’s going to see the men and women she said run concentration camps.’

“She claimed the Border Patrol treated these illegal immigrants with zero compassion and humanity,” Homan added. “And one thing she didn’t do while she was down there, why don’t you talk to the men and women wearing their green uniform, ask them, does the wall work? And they would have said, yes, it does work. It stops drugs. It stops illegal immigration. Why did you stop building it?”

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“And she would have said, why we had a crisis?” he continued. “They would have told her, because of your policies, your open border policies. We had success. President Trump dropped immigration by 80 percent. How many children didn’t die across that river?”

“How many women didn’t get raped coming across that border? How many children didn’t dive over fentanyl overdoses?” Homan added. “How many millions did the cartels not make when President Trump had declining immigration?”

Homan Shifts To Attacking Biden

That’s when Homan shifted to attacking President Joe Biden.

“This president has failed the American people,” Homan concluded. “We have the first president in the history of this nation that’s actively facilitating illegal immigration across border crime, and it disgusts me.”

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Last month, Homan actively blamed Biden for the border crisis in another Fox News interview.

“Go back to the Trump policies,” Homan said. “Their policies are driving this surge at the border. Even the president of Mexico said that.”

“When you say you’re going to open your border up, you’re not going to detain, you’re going to put a moratorium on deportations, you’re going to reward amnesty and DACA and at the same time offer free health care,” he concluded. “That’s what’s causing this crisis. It’s the Biden administration’s policies and that’s clear.

This piece was written by James Samson on July 1, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Republicans came up with their Southern Strategy — a plan to woo white Southern voters to the party for the 1968 election. The Kennedy and Johnson administrations had advanced civil rights, largely through national legislation and direct executive actions. So, the Southern Strategy was the opposite — states’ rights and no integration.
    As in the Civil War, the concepts of “states’ rights” and “tradition,” were codes for “maintaining white supremacy.”
    Starting with Thurmond in 1964, and continuing throughout the Johnson and Nixon administrations, Dixiecrats left the Democrats for the Republicans.

  • Uncle Joe & friends do not think the border is a "crisis" to fix. They are delighted to be conducting the biggest Democrat Voter Registration Drive in history.

  • The leftist members of the democrat party have denounced the American flag and what it stands for. More and more democrats are taking that same stance. How can anyone in this nation support this traitorous mind set. I can't believe America is ready to walk away from our Constitution, Bill of Rights, our religious morals and our freedom. How can we ignore all those that fought and died to protect this nation. Are we going to turn our backs on hose that fought and died to ensure the freedom of slaves. We should not forget that there were many more Americans that fought to free the blacks, than those that wanted to retain slavery. It is too bad that those pushing the hate and lies about how our forefathers wanted to keep blacks enslaved, have evidently never read the founding fathers letters and papers regarding the ending of slavery. If they had, they would know that they were intent on doing so. Southern democrats were just as intent in preserving slavery. They are now lying and spreading hate against those that freed the slaves and ensured their freedoms.

  • There are more than folks from other countries with a thirst for freedom crossing that border. Not to mention some criminals released from banana republics, drugs and even terrorists. People are coming in from 150 different countries.

  • Pssst....

    Wanna know a secret?

    Us liberals have guns too.

    It wouldn't end up too well for you if you attacked us.

  • Why? Just because he wants to protect America and her people unlike you sh-t for brain liberals! You want to destroy America and instead we should destroy you.

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