Dems Are Trying To Get Excited About Getting Rid Of Trump, But Have You Seen The Latest Polls?

Democrats are trying to ramp up excitement to get rid of President Trump, even if that means lying about political election polls once again.

They hate the President because they believe every negative thing about him and because he has put in place conservative policies. Dems’ enthusiasm is based on replacing him with literally anyone with a D after the name, not because they think Biden is awesome.

They’re excited in the same way as Old Yeller. Rabid Trump-hate is driving their behavior, and they are eager for that reason alone. Certainly not because Sleepy Joe is an “inspirational” candidate.

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Some like what Biden will do, many will be shocked and appalled but refuse to believe it until it’s too late.


CNN and the rest of their cohorts continue to push 94% negative news cycles against Trump, as if what they are doing has a bearing on the American people.

Really? You mean you don’t think that normal folks like riots, looting, and fires being set in their communities?

You don’t believe that they like being lied too and having false narratives forced down their throats, or having to tolerate media sources that believe that they’re too stupid to understand what’s going on?

The reality is starting to become too much for CNN to ignore. They haven’t even scratched the surface of how systemic Trump enthusiasm is all across America. Just wait, I expect we’ll see even some historically Blue states turn for 2020.

Since the selection of Kamala Harris as their vice presidential pick, there have been some Democrats that have come out as anti-Biden-Harris. These voters say they don’t support Trump but still perceive him as the lesser evil compared to the Democrat ticket. So I think there is a multi-dimensional array of voter motivations.


Oh look, the polls are following the same trend that I have seen for close to half a century of politics. Dems are always leading by double digits in the summer months, and then as November gets closer, the polls mysteriously tighten. Then, somehow, magically, one or the other candidate wins the election, and all of the elections are in the margin of error.

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As always, enthusiasm for Biden will get a slight bump after the convention but can only go downhill from there. Trump’s enthusiasm can only increase over time until the election.

The reason is simple. Harris is abrasive as hell and is an extremely authoritarian socialist, and Biden is an undocumented dementia patient.

Trump is going to win in a landslide, and Nate Silver, and all of his pals are going to go into a significant spin cycle explaining how their polls didn’t get wrong even though they got it wrong.


For anyone who grew up in the 1960s or ‘70s, if you watched college basketball, you can remember North Carolina’s “4-corner” offense. Coach Dean Smith took advantage of the era before the shot clock by basically milking the clock with his guards and forwards basically playing “keep away” once they had a lead in the waning minutes of a game.

The only time they would shoot is if the other team left the UNC center open for a layup. (There was no 3 point shot yet either). Boring but highly effective.

This is the game plan Biden’s handlers have been using since Super Tuesday. Keep Dementia Joe secure in his basement lair, and try to keep the media at bay. Milk the clock. Count on the media to ignore the “Hidin’ Biden” strategy until election day. No pressers, no questions, no off-script dementia-riddled incoherent streams of consciousness.

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It’s been a year since some of his classic gaffes of the Democratic “debates” and his bizarre interactions with voters, but the 4-corners offense just focuses on that lead, however narrow, and the clock.

If that lead disappears, and Dementia Joe has to emerge from the basement, lookout. Lord knows what will come out of his mouth. And that will be must-see TV along with the liberals crying on election night once again.

That always warms my heart.




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