Both the Democrats and the Black Lives Matter organization exploit blacks for political purposes while destroying their families and communities in the bargain.

They offer dependency and encourage behavior that is both self-destructive and ruinous to the Black community as a whole. After nearly sixty years of devastation in supporting the left, increasingly blacks realize that they’ve been screwed and see the upside of changing allegiance to President Trump.

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However, you will find George W. Bush had similar “approval” ratings from blacks. Approval ratings do not equate to votes. Contrary to popular belief, the riots are not happening in black areas – they are happening in downtown business areas. We conservatives get fed a lot of rubbish too.

The Past Is The Past

The Democrat Party in the early 1960’s realized that as they could no longer control black Americans with fear via the KKK, or keep them from voting via Jim Crow laws, or keep them segregated with the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

So they came up with their brilliant but insidious evil plan to keep them under control by using dependency as the form of control.

If they could keep them under-educated and give them just enough to get by, they could, while appearing to help them, actually keep their mentality going long into the future.

Dems Are In Trouble, And They Know It

Without a solid 90% of Blacks and Hispanics, the Democrats can’t win the Presidency without stuffing the ballot boxes. Democrats are dangerous and will do anything to stay in power.

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Many are hoping that Trump will dismantle much of the Deep State in a second term, and if that happens, Democrats will have no power in 2024.

It is possible that if we have 12 more years of America First Conservative Republicans running Government, the Middle Class can be rebuilt, and we can begin to get a handle on the Federal Budget once again. Democrats will sell out America to Big Corporations, China, and the New World Order.

Democrat support for open borders is by far the most toxic policy they offer to the Black community.

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Flooding the market with an unending supply of labor from abroad holds down wages for Black Americans, pushes up rents, crowds schools and hospitals, and usurps affirmative action opportunities that rightly belong to the descendants of slaves. Trump should be making this argument every day.

The Truth Of The Matter

Many Republicans want Black voters to enjoy the same quality of life that exists in most other communities, and at the same time support Trump as the vehicle to make that happen — but 30% is not going to happen.

Nonetheless, the cracks in the black vote for Democrats have appeared, and they will grow. If 18% of black Americans vote for Trump, the landslide is guaranteed to enlist future growth of the defections.

Just this number would shift the popular vote by about two and a quarter percent toward Trump.

I am hopeful we will see that, and I wish for more, but don’t want to delude myself.